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  • Product: nblocalization

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
213438 nblocali Code issues NEW --- unable to build netbeans ide from sources using german locale 2012-06-12
269493 nblocali Code issues NEW --- task filter matching options have the same italian translation 2017-01-05
219717 nblocali Code masaki STAR --- Wrong brazilian portuguese translation 2015-01-07
244942 nblocali Code masaki NEW --- Wrong Translation in spanish [Java] Design Preview -> DiseƱo Previo 2015-01-08
208818 nblocali Code issues NEW --- cz: About NetBeans 2015-01-08
154165 nblocali Code masaki NEW --- Several German L10n issues 2015-01-08
154760 nblocali Code masaki NEW --- German translation of Bound is wrong 2015-01-08
213232 nblocali Code issues NEW --- Unicode equivalent code rendered as its HTML Character equivalent 2012-05-30
258384 nblocali Code issues NEW --- Impossible to translate minimize action in branding project 2016-03-15
258385 nblocali Code masaki NEW --- The title of the properties view doesn't use the translation if opened twice 2016-03-16
207272 nblocali Code masaki RESO FIXE German Translation of Mercurial Menuitems "Push/Pull to/from default" inverted - Same as in NB 7.0 reported 2012-11-12
89806 nblocali Code rebeccaliu CLOS FIXE I18N: Create operation for webservice unsuccessfully in zh locale, ide hangs up 2006-11-27
32592 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE Fix location of generated jar files 2003-04-03
90320 nblocali Code henriquemeira RESO FIXE Tamanho da tela nas Propriedades do Projeto 2006-12-04
176990 nblocali Code es RESO FIXE java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name org/netbeans/modules/refactoring/spi/impl/Bundle, locale es_ES 2010-06-22
199988 nblocali Code issues VERI FIXE Wrong URL to NetBeans Distribution UC in ML builds 2011-07-18
92394 nblocali Code henriquemeira RESO FIXE Problemas com o atalho (mnemonic) no menu principal 2007-01-29
52141 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE cannot create WebApp by New Project wizard in ja locale 2004-12-14
239546 nblocali Code masaki VERI FIXE View|Split menu items and black cross icon are missed in Russian locale 2015-04-13
147829 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE L10n: User cannot change project location for AirAlliance PHP Sample Project 2008-09-22
79538 nblocali Code masaki RESO FIXE Remove references to SPL 2014-12-25
196265 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unterminated quote 2011-03-07
88132 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE Some of the Chinese font size in the 5.5 IDE is too small 2006-10-27
22944 nblocali Code mihmax RESO FIXE Deliver to public 2003-12-11
32145 nblocali Code mzlamal VERI FIXE Move java's localized and scrambled 3rd party jar to translated files. 2003-03-19
25 bugs found.
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