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apisupport Development-time support for the NetBeans APIs, project types for NetBeans module, suite, library wrapper and NetBeans Platform Application.
cnd C/C++, Fortran and Assembler native development.
connecteddeveloper Colaboration support for the NetBeans IDE. Issuetracking,Hudson support and Kenai integration...
contrib Temporary home for newly contributed code.
db Database support
debugger Basic infrastructure for the debugger, including most of its UI, and the ability to delegate to a specific debugger implementation at the user's request.
docker Basic Docker container integration
editor The IDE's text editor.
groovy Groovy and Grails support
guibuilder Lets developers visually create forms with AWT, Swing, and JavaBeans support.
ide If you don't know where, please report issue here.
installer NetBeans installer
java Basic support for development using Java language
javacard The support for JavaCard in the NetBeans IDE.
javaee Java EE support
javafx JavaFX support
javame Java ME development - Mobility Pack and Mobility Pack for CDC. Mobility Pack covers CLDC/MIDP and Mobility Pack for CDC targets CDC/PBP/PP/AGUI.
javascript JavaScript support
nblocalization Translation of NetBeans resources into other languages.
obsolete Obsolete modules, no more supported/developed modules those are no more parts of the IDE.
php PHP development support for NetBeans
platform The NetBeans Platform (RCP) and its APIs.
prod‑test‑proj1 Project used internally
profiler NetBeans Profiler
projects Project support infrastructure for the IDE. Ant, Maven ....
python Python development support
qa NetBeans Quality Assurance.
ruby Support for the Ruby language and associated frameworks in NetBeans
serverplugins Plugins for J2EE servers
soa Enterprise SOA Modules
third‑party Third-party plug-in modules not developed or maintained on Use this category if you need to file a bug on about an off-site or commercial module and do not want to file the bug directly with the vendor (e.g. OpenVMS distribution, ...)
uml Unified Modeling Language support
updatecenters Content available on NetBeans Auto Update Center.
usersguide Help and Online documentation for the IDE.
utilities Small pieces of functionality: open file, URL (bookmark) support, groups of objects, find in files.
versioncontrol Support for Version Control Systems. CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, ClearCase, ...
web Support for writing HTML and CSS.
webservices Web services support.
www site
xml Generic XML support and infrastructure
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