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114 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
123551 platform Window S issues NEW --- Allow floating views to be under main window (was: Floating windows are "modal") 2010-08-11
258464 java Editor dbalek NEW --- extends / implements should not restrict the completion list 2016-08-30
131184 platform Window S issues NEW --- Context menu unusable at small resolutions 2010-08-11
131187 platform Window S issues NEW --- Configurable fullscreen mode (was: In fullscreen mode the status bar must be invisible by default of configurable to be) 2010-08-11
173431 platform Window S issues NEW --- Undocked window looks un-natural 2009-09-30
173432 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Close buttons on the wrong side in OSX 2009-10-02
173435 installe Mac Nati lfischmeistr NEW --- The OSX disk image should hold only, not an mpkg file 2014-02-10
173438 installe Mac Nati lfischmeistr NEW --- Installer creates unneeded /Applications/NetBeans folder 2014-02-10
227471 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- Add Autoupdate listener API 2014-02-10
262725 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- End key does not move caret to end of line for wrapped line 2016-09-18
212811 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- 3 way diff / merge 2016-04-27
254312 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Maven index downloader should resume previous partial download 2016-11-26
254313 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Add Maven search that uses the online APIs instead of the local index 2016-08-25
146883 java Project tzezula NEW --- Cannot drag and drop libraries between projects 2011-08-31
173434 java Platform tzezula NEW --- Installer doesn't detect all JDKs on OSX 2009-10-01
173430 platform -- Other issues NEW --- NetBeans cancels OSX shutdown 2013-02-12
159185 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- The progress popup shouldn't be treated like a dialog on OSX 2011-11-03
193708 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- AutoupdateCheckScheduler is too eager with the notifications 2014-02-10
250103 installe NBI emi REOP --- Support bundled JRE with Mac OS X 2017-05-02
113330 editor -- Other issues RESO INVA SideBarFactoriesProvider is final. It should be an interface (or at least non-final) 2007-11-05
126250 www Builds & issues RESO INVA Mercurial annotated file view doesn't show line number or Java syntax highlight 2010-10-13
133605 editor Settings issues RESO FIXE AttributesUtilities .Immutable and .Composite don't respect the ResolveAttribute 2008-04-25
144385 editor Code fol issues RESO DUPL Folding blocks with some scenarios (collapsed fold on same line) 2008-08-19
190890 editor Actions/ mmetelka RESO FIXE Cmd+U temporarily disables all actions -- defers to parent JScrollPane 2010-11-14
170625 platform Progress t_h RESO FIXE Progress UI leaks refresh timers on OSX, leading to high CPU usage 2009-08-21
135167 editor Navigati vstejskal RESO FIXE Braces matching (MasterMatcher) doesn't work anymore for non-Lexer kits 2008-06-07
96586 platform -- Other anebuzelsky RESO WONT TopSecurityManager doesn't delegate permission checks 2015-10-14
180906 platform Output W anebuzelsky RESO FIXE Output save as failed: "Writing to file nullnull failed" 2010-10-01
206813 ide Code anebuzelsky RESO WONT NetBeans should be built using OpenJDK 2013-12-27
153146 editor Completi dbalek RESO WONT Deprecate or remove COMPLETION_NATURAL_SORT 2009-11-02
175591 editor Completi dbalek RESO FIXE CompletionSettings inconsistent 2009-11-27
205515 editor Completi dbalek RESO WONT Completion should ignore the Enter key (VK_ENTER) with modifiers 2012-04-27
210940 java Hints dbalek RESO FIXE Disable star import in default install 2012-04-12
212176 editor Completi dbalek RESO DUPL User defined abbreviation/code template is not shown in completion 2013-06-21
159122 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE DiffContentPanel.getHighlights doesn't respect startOffset and endOffset 2009-03-28
114448 web HTML Edi dkonecny RESO FIXE HTMLKit doesn't remember user-defined mime 2009-05-18
123550 platform Window S dsimonek RESO INVA No option available for MDI/SDI switch 2008-12-22
113332 editor -- Other dstrupl RESO FIXE Core editor classes shouldn't use nbresloc 2010-10-05
159125 editor Painting dstrupl RESO FIXE CompoundHighlightsContainer does not do clipping as required 2009-04-29
197623 editor Hints & dstrupl RESO FIXE org.netbeans.editor.Annotations getPasiveAnnotations versus getPassiveAnnotations 2012-12-17
208852 xml Code emi RESO FIXE SchemaBasedCompletionProvider uses wrong primary file 2012-03-15
268681 platform Window S emi RESO FIXE Quickly clicking left/right button to switch through Output/Search Results/Usages tabs maximizes the TopComponent. 2017-03-02
118811 web HTML Edi issues RESO FIXE (o.n.e.ext.html.dtd) DTDParser doesn't work for W3C DTDs 2009-05-18
130056 installe Code issues RESO DUPL Installer for the C++ NetBeans needs JDK, doesn't accept only JRE 2008-03-13
141113 versionc Mercuria issues RESO DUPL Add support for Mercurial Queues 2008-07-22
149096 editor Painting issues RESO DUPL Editor copy action should include font color and style (RTF DataFlavor) 2008-10-06
153316 editor Code fol issues RESO FIXE CodeFoldingSideBar doesn't react to font size changes properly 2009-05-19
159186 platform Window S issues RESO INVA Main window repaint flickers on OSX 2009-10-14
175526 ide UI issues RESO DUPL Cannot remove configurations combobox/popup from toolbar 2009-10-30
178463 third-pa -- Other issues RESO DUPL "Software as a Service" module can't be disabled 2010-05-26
206902 ide Code issues RESO INVA binaries-list inconsistencies 2012-01-04
97262 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE NetBeans Platform Manager requires IDE restart to reload Platform with new cluster or modules 2010-04-21
207671 apisuppo API docs jglick RESO INVA Arch-api-questions.xml should be updated with a new exec-static-blocks 2012-01-24
190892 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO FIXE The "Search Results" window has low UI usability 2012-03-16
191753 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO DUPL "Replace in Projects" shows duplicates then gets confused due to it's own actions 2011-08-09
206539 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO WORK Replace in Projects incomplete 2012-06-18
191051 java Source jlahoda RESO FIXE Weird com.sun.istack.internal.NotNull import in java.source 2010-10-19
195238 java Source jlahoda RESO FIXE Frozen UI (when offline?) 2011-02-14
206221 java Compiler jlahoda RESO FIXE nb-javac build fails 2011-12-13
196825 platform Action I JPESKA RESO WORK TODOs not shown for (pom) XML files 2012-02-27
208655 www Web Cont jpirek RESO WONT Missing resources (404) 2012-04-16
196005 platform Explorer jtulach RESO WORK Expanding JAR contents in Files window locks the IDE 2011-02-26
198148 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO INVA masterfs WindowsNotifier crashes on VirtualBox XP guest OS 2011-05-09
209091 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO WORK OSX case sensitive filesystem (HSF+) confuses the IDE 2012-03-09
209231 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO FIXE Review: Filesystems API bridge towards DataSystems API 2012-08-23
193548 javascri Editor marfous RESO FIXE Javascript global variable shadowed by function parameter 2012-09-14
150408 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO FIXE CSS Editor logs too many errors if docs/ is missing 2010-04-19
159585 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO FIXE NPE in org.netbeans.editor.ext.html.parser.SyntaxElement.Tag.toString() 2009-05-18
155143 editor Painting michaelpigg RESO FIXE BaseCaret doesn't respect CARET_COLOR_OVERWRITE_MODE anymore 2009-10-14
173724 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE Cannot run individual test from GUI (Run File disabled) 2009-10-09
205509 editor CSL (API mkristofic RESO WONT Toggling MarkOccurrencesHighlighter for CSL languages 2016-07-07
212596 editor -- Other mkristofic RESO DUPL Command + mouse scroll keeps changing the editor font size 2012-05-17
131182 projects Generic mkubec RESO WONT Dialogs don't use the whole available screen space 2008-03-26
144296 editor Code fol mmetelka RESO FIXE Code folding GUI is broken for the last collapsed folds with innerlevel >0 2008-09-10
164228 editor Completi mmetelka RESO FIXE Abbreviation misplaces cursor when expanding on beginning of document for text files 2009-05-07
193036 editor Painting mmetelka RESO FIXE EditorUI.updateLineHeight resets maxHeight when HighlightingManager.LINEWRAP_ENABLED 2011-10-07
205244 editor -- Other mmetelka RESO FIXE Remove topComponentRegistryListener from EditorModule 2012-05-29
205633 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT AttributedCharSequence doesn't implement AttributedCharacterIterator properly 2016-07-07
205953 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT BaseDocument.print uses DrawEngine 2016-07-07
208078 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT Text limit line regression 2016-07-07
218376 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT Patch for: Editor horizontal scrollbar gets out of sync 2016-07-07
218381 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT Patch for: Editor horizontal scrollbar doesn't go away when enabling line wrap 2016-07-07
219392 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT Editor paints text too close to the glyph gutter; there use to be a 2px margin 2016-07-07
141112 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO WONT The mercurial python script interferes with Mercurial Queues 2010-10-13
172643 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO INVA Cannot build self contained Platform 2009-09-21
176701 ide UI olangr RESO INCO Strange GUI artifact 2009-11-13
195233 javascri Editor phejl RESO FIXE Javascript getters and setters patch 2012-09-19
196965 javascri Editor phejl RESO FIXE Javascript regexp has wrong syntax error underlining 2012-09-13
148774 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO INVA Generated project.xml is a mess to diff 2008-10-02
173429 platform Window S saubrecht RESO WONT Command + I should show properties window 2009-10-20
192089 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE org.netbeans.core.ui.notifications.FlashingIcon has hardcoded dependency on NotificationDisplayerImpl, crashes with custom NotificationDisplayer 2011-07-18
145920 editor Code fol sdedic RESO WONT CodeFolding painter SPI (and backward collapse) 2016-07-07
191072 xml Code sdedic RESO FIXE Unchecked NPE in org.netbeans.modules.xml.dtd.grammar.DTDParser.parse 2012-03-24
205507 editor CSL (API sdedic RESO WONT Add a way for CodeCompletionHandler to know if the task has been canceled 2016-07-07
207670 editor Code fol sdedic RESO WONT Reduce static initialization blocks usage in editor.fold 2014-07-15
114990 contrib Jackpot tball RESO WONT Query and Refactor window doesn't update Query sets 2010-04-27
141001 editor CSL (API tor RESO FIXE Try and isolate the DataLoader API usage in GSF 2009-02-19
206104 versionc Code tstupka RESO DUPL Utils.getUnversionedFolders / getRootFilesystem should use org.openide.modules.Places.getUserDirectory 2013-09-02
227145 utilitie Diff tstupka RESO FIXE Racing condition in diff module selects another difference after display 2013-06-05
173722 java Navigati tzezula RESO FIXE Navigator window has a very slow refresh 2012-10-18
175434 utilitie Jump To tzezula RESO WORK Go to Type doesn't allow multiple selections 2012-05-12
140541 platform Output W t_h RESO DUPL Application output while running should NOT have the whole ant output in front of it in the Output window 2008-12-22
136215 editor Painting vstejskal RESO FIXE Caret row highlighting broken for just emptied document (CompoundHighlightsContainer caching issue) 2009-11-05
175430 java JUnit vvg RESO FIXE Junit tree display hard to use (possibly breaks navigation too) 2017-07-18
118702 editor Hints & issues RESO FIXE AnnotationViewDataImpl depends on LegacyCrapProvider being present in the lookup 2007-12-07
175428 projects Maven mkleint RESO WONT "Run Project" dialog with "compile errors" is annoying -- and wrong 2013-04-12
113322 editor -- Other mkristofic RESO WONT Editor API uses too much reflection 2016-07-07
113326 editor -- Other mkristofic RESO WONT Editor API standalone demo doesn't compile 2016-07-07
196836 editor Hints & mkristofic RESO WONT Annotations in the glyph gutter don't maintain their order after newline 2016-07-07
153859 editor Actions/ mmetelka RESO FIXE NbBuildPopupMenuAction throws exception if no PopupMenuActionsProvider present 2012-10-30
196967 javascri Editor phejl RESO WONT A small fix in JsLexer.getTokenId 2012-09-07
175525 platform Window S saubrecht RESO WORK Cannot remove configurations combobox/popup from toolbar 2010-04-12
193219 platform Dialogs& saubrecht RESO FIXE DialogDisplayer leaks ActionListeners in option2Button 2011-10-19
113324 editor Settings vstejskal RESO WONT Settings API doesn't allow alternative storage implementation 2009-11-02
114 bugs found.
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