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78 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
120084 php Project issues NEW --- Better to use separate folder for scripts in PHP project 2010-09-17
120806 php Project issues NEW --- Unable to create folder 'nbproject' in PHP project 2010-09-17
122046 php Project issues NEW --- Unable to import file into subfolder 2010-09-17
122271 php Project issues NEW --- notify user on run in command line if interpreter is not set up in project 2010-09-17
123311 php Project issues NEW --- When creating a new project, if Apache is registered, it should be auto-picked 2010-09-17
153278 php Project issues NEW --- php deployment destination must be empty 2010-09-17
231380 php Project tmysik NEW --- Can not download files inside "Test Files" folder for Remote Project. 2013-07-03
253237 php Project tmysik NEW --- Some recommendations about UI 2015-08-07
120089 php Project issues NEW --- System or config files are included into project 2010-09-17
123727 php Project issues NEW --- ability to specify parameters when running script on servers 2010-09-17
139428 php Project issues NEW --- Running a single PHP file as a script 2010-09-17
147605 php Project issues NEW --- Add WebDAV support 2010-09-17
150735 php Project issues NEW --- Add profiling support 2011-04-04
153463 php Project issues NEW --- The nodes under include path should have some FS actions 2010-09-17
157008 php Project issues NEW --- Require PHP PEAR support by default 2010-09-17
160133 php Project issues NEW --- ability to use / debug using Quercus php .jar 2010-10-01
161084 php Project issues NEW --- Variables for the Include-Path 2010-09-17
166046 php Project issues NEW --- Provide an easier way to hide a folder from view 2010-09-17
180889 php Project issues NEW --- Request: Adding more source folders to a NetBeans PHP project 2011-12-18
183799 php Project issues NEW --- When creating a new project and tying it to a new remote connection, have the newly added connection pre-selected after you save it. 2015-08-04
187506 php Project issues NEW --- Preselect last url opened on debug file 2011-11-16
190223 php Project issues NEW --- More flexible command line execution environment 2011-11-16
190224 php Project issues NEW --- Swappable external graphical diff program 2010-09-17
146029 php Project ppisl NEW --- Supoprt for Prado Framework 2010-09-17
146542 php Project ppisl NEW --- Support for Nette 2010-09-17
146544 php Project ppisl NEW --- Create support for Kohana php framework 2010-09-17
146546 php Project ppisl NEW --- Create support for Qcodo 2010-09-17
197782 php Project ppisl NEW --- allow overwriting Files when copying within trees 2015-09-15
197793 php Project ppisl NEW --- Add "Ignore this folder" to contextual menu in Projects/Files sidebar 2011-05-10
144224 php Project tmysik NEW --- Files in include path are editable 2012-10-05
194580 php Project tmysik NEW --- Path mapping / debug url is a nice improvement, but could be even more so with url mapping or at least a url memory, so the choice doesn't have to be made every time. 2013-08-22
195706 php Project tmysik NEW --- Ant integration 2012-10-20
201535 php Project tmysik NEW --- Copy files from Sources Folder to another location 2015-07-10
202690 php Project tmysik NEW --- Allow files archives (zip, tar.gz, ...) as include path 2011-09-26
203343 php Project tmysik NEW --- Project panel should highlight files with encoding different from project default 2011-10-08
204149 php Project tmysik NEW --- Include Path - can't remove a path 2011-10-25
210347 php Project tmysik NEW --- Support for Silverstripe CMS/Framework 2012-04-01
212824 php Project tmysik NEW --- Adding multiple source nodes 2012-05-22
213455 php Project tmysik NEW --- drag & drop in project window 2012-07-27
218557 php Project tmysik NEW --- Synchronize editor with views for files on the include path 2012-09-18
221193 php Project tmysik NEW --- Code completion for third party libraries within project source directory 2012-10-31
225649 php Project tmysik NEW --- "Find in projects" also searches the include path 2013-02-04
226804 php Project tmysik NEW --- Add support for Behat-BDD for PHP 2015-04-29
228510 php Project tmysik NEW --- Possibility to set auto/manual local synchronization 2013-05-28
230562 php Project tmysik NEW --- With a php project who have an another project in include path the find usage function on the external project did'nt search in the main project , it should be great if we can search like a java project who have a scope option. Thanks 2013-06-07
231472 php Project tmysik NEW --- Provide more control over Run Configuration for PHP Projects 2013-06-18
233760 php Project tmysik NEW --- Allow adding inexistent folder to "Ignored Folders" 2013-08-01
234836 php Project tmysik NEW --- NetBeans should provide some simple wildcard filters relating to projects 2013-08-23
242159 php Project tmysik NEW --- Running Karma tests always prompts to select PHP testing provider 2014-02-21
246195 php Project tmysik NEW --- composer create-project on New Project 2015-09-03
246932 php Project tmysik NEW --- Access to Javascript Libraries during project creation like HTML 5 Project Creation 2014-09-09
252927 php Project tmysik NEW --- Should be possible to upload a file inside the editor 2015-06-11
253158 php Project tmysik NEW --- Please add a feature to upload only changed files inside a VCS 2015-06-25
256461 php Project tmysik NEW --- Add Option to add folders from .gitignore to "Ignored Folders" 2015-11-09
268049 php Project tmysik NEW --- OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2016-09-15
268118 php Project tmysik NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.php.project.ui.wizards.NewFileWizardIterator$1$ 2016-09-21
268178 php Project tmysik NEW --- New PHP Project - Composer 2016-09-23
268209 php Project tmysik NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.php.project.ui.wizards.NewPhpProjectWizardIterator.getRemoteClient 2016-09-26
268269 php Project tmysik NEW --- OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2016-09-29
268522 php Project tmysik NEW --- Please add PHPSpec as a new test alternative to PHPUnit 2016-10-14
268663 php Project tmysik NEW --- Feature Request: have a general configruration for "Allow short tags (<?)" and "Allow ASP Tags(<% and %>)" 2016-10-24
269005 php Project tmysik NEW --- Namespace suggestion for new files 2016-11-17
269117 php Project tmysik NEW --- NullPointerException at org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.toFile 2016-11-25
151177 php Project issues NEW --- External changes in cloned files are overwritten silently 2010-09-17
164155 php Project issues NEW --- Creating projects after Subversion Checkout 2015-08-31
156577 php Project tmysik NEW --- Bold marked properties issue 2012-07-02
213481 php Project tmysik NEW --- Double click to select index file 2012-06-04
235145 php Project tmysik NEW --- One-click Stop at First Line 2013-08-29
250616 php Project tmysik NEW --- Typo 'Run Configuratior' in Project Properties Categories 2015-06-04
254713 php Project tmysik NEW --- Allow including folders inside "Ignored Folders" into the project. 2015-08-28
255703 php Project tmysik NEW --- Options window during creation of zend2 project opens under creation form and unclickable 2015-10-07
256210 php Project tmysik NEW --- In the new file dialog, folders are created on key up 2015-11-02
267819 php Project tmysik NEW --- Exit wizard after symfony project creation failed 2016-09-01
158366 php Project issues REOP --- Real document root of Apache web server 2010-09-17
216235 php Project tmysik REOP --- PHP Templates -> Add "PHTML File" template 2016-03-07
217569 php Project tmysik REOP --- Symbolic links to directories cannot be accessed when run as remote web site 2012-09-24
126093 php Project issues REOP --- add Project to PHP Include Path 2010-09-17
210485 php Project tmysik REOP --- Creating a project, "Copy files from Sources Folder to another location" should change to project name 2012-09-21
78 bugs found.
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