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  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
BlueJ issues@ide issues@ide
NB/BlueJ project issues
Code issues@ide issues@ide
Issues you don't where to place, or general IDE issues
Commit Validation Jiri Skrivanek issues@ide
Issues reported against Commit Validation
Deadlock Detector David Strupl issues@ide
Deadlock detector issues
Edu issues@ide issues@ide website
Extbrowser issues@web issues@web
Browsers implementations
Features On Demand Jaroslav Tulach issues@performance
used for issues of "Feature On Demand"
Import Settings Theofanis Oikonomou issues@platform
Import Settings
Internal Server issues@ide issues@ide
Internal HTTP server
libs issues@ide issues@ide
Logger Martin Entlicher logger-issues@ide
Logger Server Tomas Danek logger-issues@ide
Server side
Manifest David Strupl issues@ide
Manifest File Editor
Performance Tomas Hurka issues@performance
Performance issues you don't know where to place,queue for Performance team to look and decide the root cause
Report Exception Tomas Danek logger-issues@ide
Reporting exceptions
Schema2Beans schema2beans-issues@ide issues@ide
Slowness Detector Jaroslav Tulach logger-issues@ide
Actions blocking AWT thread reporter
Timers Jaroslav Tulach issues@ide
Run-time watches framework.
UI issues@ide issues@ide
Issues related to UI problems of the whole product
Welcome Stanislav Aubrecht issues@ide
Welcome screen (module) issues.
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