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JavaScript support
  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
-- Other -- issues@javascript issues@javascript
Debugger Martin Entlicher issues@javascript
JavaScript Debugger
Documentation Martin Fousek issues@javascript
Support for JavaScript documentation frameworks
Editor Petr Pisl issues@javascript
Support for editing JavaScript code, both inside of .js files, and embedded within HTML, JSP, PHP, ERb, Groovy Server Pages and similar.
Emmet issues@javascript issues@javascript
Emmet plugin at
Formatting & Indentation Petr Hejl issues@javascript
Code Formatting & Indentation
JSON Petr Hejl issues@javascript
Libraries issues@javascript issues@javascript
JavaScript libraries
Support for navigating within code.
Refactoring Petr Pisl issues@javascript
JavaScript refactoring features
RequireJS Petr Pisl issues@javascript
Support for RequireJS
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