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Support for writing HTML and CSS.
  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
AngularJS Petr Pisl Vladimir Riha
Editing support for AngularJS library (
Cordova Jan Becicka issues@web
Support for Cordova/PhoneGap.
CSS Editor issues@web Vladimir Riha
Editing support of css file including syntax and semantic coloring, formatting, completion etc..
CSS Preprocessors (SASS, LESS, ...) issues@web Vladimir Riha
Editing support for CSS preprocessors. Currently supported are SASS and LESS.
CSS Visual Tools issues@web Vladimir Riha
CSS Visual Editing Tools
Editing infrastructure issues@web issues@web
Common infrastructure for all web application editing areas.
HTML Editor issues@web issues@javaee
HTML Editor support
Html navigator component
HTML Project Tomas Mysik issues@web
HTML application project type.
HTML Samples issues@web issues@web
Samples of HTML5 Applications
Inspection Jan Stola issues@web
Web application inspection features: DOM View, CSS merged view, browser communication etc.
jQuery Petr Pisl issues@web
Editing support for jQuery
Knockout Petr Hejl Vladimir Riha
Editing support for Knockout JavaScript library (
Live HTML David Konecny issues@web
Live HTML view.
Refactoring issues@web issues@web
HTML/CSS refactoring support.
Web Services Client issues@web issues@web
Functionality related to calling web services from web client side code
YAML Petr Pisl issues@javaee
Support for YAML
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