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Project support infrastructure for the IDE. Ant, Maven ....
  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Ant Milos Kleint issues@projects
Running Ant from the IDE in and of itself, with no project association
Ant Freeform Milos Kleint issues@projects
General aspects of freeform projects, not specific to Java or Java EE
Ant Project Milos Kleint issues@projects
Issues relating to all Ant-based project types
Autoproject issues@projects issues@projects
Autoproject Profiler issues@projects issues@projects
Autoproject-Profiler integration
Eclipse project importer issues@projects issues@projects
Imports projects created in Eclipse 3.x
Generic Infrastructure Milos Kleint issues@projects
Generic Projects infrastructure and APIs
Generic Projects UI Milos Kleint issues@projects
Open Project dialog, basic structure of Projects and Files tabs, etc.
Java Webstart Tomas Zezula issues@projects
Support for the Java Web Start (JNLP) technology.
JBuilder project importer issues@projects issues@projects
Support for importing JBuilder projects into NB
Libraries Tomas Zezula issues@projects
The Libraries API
Maven Milos Kleint issues@projects
Maven support
Maven OSGi bundles Milos Kleint issues@projects
Maven support for OSGi bundles
Web Opener issues@projects issues@projects
open NetBeans project from web in the IDE
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