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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
147946 soa IEP edit gbadescu NEW --- User should be allowed to close property dialogs with bad values (OK) 2008-09-23
104768 soa BPEL Val yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE "Activity does not have correlations defined on it" validation error cause some app fail to be deployed 2007-05-31
95504 soa BPEL lativ VERI FIXE "Add From Palette" for "Pick" activity doesn't work 2007-02-15
125589 soa BPEL lativ VERI FIXE "Add From Palette" menu option is missing on compensation handler 2008-02-11
92744 soa BPEL Pro supernikita VERI FIXE "Add WSDL Import" and "Add Schema Import" should use the same Import dialog as those used by WSDL Editor and Schema Editor 2007-02-21
79344 soa BPEL Deb yaroslavskiy CLOS FIXE "BPEL Variables" window is not showing the list of BPEL variables while debugging BPEL project 2006-08-04
136565 soa Composit vchellasamy RESO WONT "Clone WSDL Port to edit" copies the whole WSDL file into the Assembly 2008-06-27
93824 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- "Count Completed Branches Only" check box is not available for editing 2011-11-30
119860 soa BPEL Pro slunegov VERI INVA "cut" is not working 2008-10-21
113242 soa Composit jqian VERI FIXE "Debug (BPEL)" action should be disabled if it has no BPEL modules 2007-09-27
78121 soa JBI Test jqian CLOS FIXE "Diff" doesn't get updated if "TestCase(Diff)" window is opened already. 2006-08-31
80201 soa BPEL Map sunsoabi_edwong CLOS FIXE "duration literal" is convered to "string literal" after edit it in source. 2006-07-26
131760 soa Composit jqian VERI FIXE "Edit Web Service Attributes" icons are on every type of WSDL port, not just on SOAP BC ports 2008-10-24
145305 soa SQL Proj vsrinivasan NEW --- "Empty placeholder" target not actually empty 2008-10-01
130068 soa BPEL Map anjeleevich VERI FIXE "Expand all/Collapse all" button behaves uberstrangely 2008-10-21
87875 soa BPEL Val yaroslavskiy RESO FIXE "Fix this" feature for BPEL Diagram/Source 2008-05-04
93479 soa IEP edit blu VERI FIXE "From" field in StreamProjectandFilter is nonfunctional 2007-03-26
79244 soa BPEL anjeleevich CLOS FIXE "Hello" appears in default empty activity of .bpel process 2006-07-25
167023 soa Composit jqian CLOS FIXE "Hiding QoS" configuration not remembered after collapsing and expanding SU widgets 2009-12-03
86880 soa JBI Test jqian VERI DUPL "Information about passed tests is not displayed." on Sol 10 sparc 2007-09-27
79316 soa BPEL Pro praveensavur VERI FIXE "java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer" exception while deleting .bpel from project tree 2006-09-15
93801 soa XSLT supernikita VERI FIXE "less_than" expression doesn't appear in XSL source 2007-02-12
93813 soa XSLT supernikita VERI FIXE "mod" expression doesn't appear in XSL source 2007-02-12
143351 soa XSLT alexpetrov REOP --- "no suggestions" persists longer than necessary 2008-11-20
78124 soa BPEL Pro hong_lin CLOS FIXE "normalize space" function doesn't work right 2006-08-31
25 bugs found.
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