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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
111314 ruby Editing issues NEW --- ":" trigger for code template for hash entry 2011-01-28
139187 ruby Rails emononen RESO FIXE "Access Database using JDBC" is partly visible 2008-09-30
137497 ruby Rake mkrauskopf RESO DUPL "Already listening to ..." in RailsSources.getSourceGroups 2008-06-18
173885 ruby Project emononen RESO INVA "Autospec" in context menu is not from budle 2009-10-06
124502 ruby Hints tor RESO FIXE "Convert negative if statement into unless statement" can generate "elsunless" 2007-12-29
102296 ruby Project tor RESO FIXE "Debug project" action missing in context menu on RoR project node 2007-09-06
181696 ruby Editing emononen RESO FIXE "elsif" code template does not work 2010-04-07
108210 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "Find in files" greyed out 2007-07-04
99330 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "Generate" option throws an IllegalArgumentException 2007-07-03
111335 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "go to declaration" does not understand Modules 2008-02-13
193617 ruby Navigati issues NEW --- "Go to declaration" doesn't use the current runtime of the project 2011-01-28
111353 ruby Code tor RESO DUPL "Go to Rails Action/View" is enabled when no project is open 2008-02-13
111932 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "Go to test" should be on navigation menu 2008-02-13
114873 ruby Code issues RESO FIXE "Go to Type" could have options main project / current group / All projects 2008-02-13
91466 ruby Code tor VERI FIXE "goto declaration" does not work when declaration is in another file 2007-07-03
101846 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "Goto Rails Action/View" always enabled 2007-08-07
163168 ruby Testing issues RESO FIXE "Goto Test (ctrl+shift+T)" should offer to create test file if missing 2015-02-25
122593 ruby Gems mkrauskopf VERI FIXE "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space " Exception while opening gem window 2008-03-06
108795 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "Libs" node in Project View of a Rails project is missing the "New >" option 2008-02-13
108212 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "new rhtml" file gives bad file name suggestion 2007-08-21
190888 ruby Code Com issues NEW --- "NewModuleName.is_a? Module" no code completion after the dot 2011-01-28
127710 ruby Editing issues NEW --- "Pallete like" rdoc for searching in the doc. and also rdoc follows your code 2011-01-28
108203 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE "Project" view should go away 2007-08-31
138761 ruby Rake mkrauskopf RESO FIXE "rake task fetching failed" error displayed on startup for non-rails project with no rake tasks. 2008-07-02
91341 ruby Code tor VERI FIXE "reformat code" action does not work 2007-07-03
25 bugs found.
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