Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
7.4_HR_FIX bugs fixed during NetBeans 7.4 High resistance Search 75
7.4_WAIVER_APPROVED Use to mark issues waived for NetBeans 7.4 release Search 11
8.0.1_WAIVER_APPROVED Use to mark issues waived for NetBeans 8.0.1 release Search 5
8.0_HR_FIX bugs fixed during NetBeans 8.0 High resistance Search 41
8.0_WAIVER_APPROVED Use to mark issues waived for NetBeans 8.0 release Search 19
8.1_WAIVER_APPROVED Use to mark issues waived for NetBeans 8.1 release. See Search 23
8.1_WAIVER_REQUEST Use to mark candidates for waivers in NetBeans 8.1 release. See Search 1
81_HR_FIX Bugs fixed during NetBeans 8.1 High resistance Search 40
81_HR_FIX_CANDIDATE Bug which was already fixed in trunk and developer would like to integrate the fix to release81 branch during the NetBeans 8.1 High Resistance mode. none none
A11Y Accessibility issues. Search 3138
API bug/rfe which affects the API. Search 2103
API_REVIEW To be reviewed by the Architecture team. Search 138
API_REVIEW_FAST To be reviewed by the Architecture team. Fast. Search 1420
ARCH Architecture issues. Search 273
DUAL_MONITOR Issues regarding wrong behaviour with using IDE on dual monitors configuration Search 100
ERGONOMICS issue is reproducible only if ergonomics is turned on Search 141
FOCUS UI issue with window/component focus. Search 237
GTK Issues specific to GTK Look & Feel Search 156
I18N Internationalization issues. Search 2526
JDK_8 Issues specific to the JDK 8 release. Search 111
JDK_9 Issues specific to the JDK 9 release. Search 105
JDK_SPECIFIC JDK version/vendor specific issue. Search 599
L&F Look & Feel specific issue. Search 309
NETFIX Issues ready to be taken over by NetFIX team for resolution/implementation. Search 265
NO74 The issue doesn't apply to the NetBeans 7.4 release. Search 64
NO80 The issue doesn't apply to the NetBeans 8.0 release. Search 5
NO81 The issue doesn't apply to the NetBeans 8.1 release. Search 27
NO82 The issue doesn't apply to the NetBeans 8.2 release. Search 2
PATCH_AVAILABLE Patch for this issue is available (attached to the issue) Search 216
PERFORMANCE Performance-related issues. Search 8255
PLAN Planning tasks for upcoming releases Search 764
PLATFORM These issues are reproducible only with NB Platform Search 93
RANDOM This issue occurs intermittently and cannot be reproduced reliably. Search 2455
REGRESSION This bug is a regression from the previous release. Search 3383
RELNOTE Users should be notified of this issue and be given any possible workarounds in the product release notes. Search 413
SIMPLEFIX The fix of this issue is available and considered simple and low-risk without potential side effects. It's a good candidate for inclusion in update/bugfix releases. Search 693
SPACE_IN_PATH Issues related to using special characters (typically spaces) in the paths and file names. Search 141
T9Y Testability issue - affects ability to test the product or feature. Search 338
TEST Issue related to failing, unfinishing or errors in the test. Search 1765
THREAD Thread/timing/synchronization and related issues. Search 1115
TOMCAT Issues caused by defects in Tomcat. Search 44
UI Issue which has UI impact. Search 3349
UMBRELLA Issue marked by this keyword groups other issues of various priorities using any criteria. Its dependent issues represent matching result. Search 394
USABILITY This issue affects usability. Search 742
VISUALVM Issues related to VisualVM. Search 247
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