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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26841 xml Catalog issues NEW --- Support URLResolvers and SchemaResolvers 2008-12-05
257893 editor -- Other mmetelka NEW --- Introduce Caret API 2016-05-23
150084 editor CSL (API sdedic NEW --- Allow to show in navigator elements from extended class 2015-01-14
247159 platform -- Other sdedic NEW --- Platform API changes in server_split branch 2014-11-05
154819 projects Ant tstupka NEW --- Centrally managed support for alternate JDKs 2014-05-12
247215 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Split Swing/IDE specific parts from Projects API (in server_split branch) 2014-09-17
90207 serverpl Infrastr abadea NEW --- Provide a method for locating DatabaseConnection's for a Datasource 2007-09-17
257013 platform -- Other apireviews NEW --- Introduce callback references in place of activeReferenceQueue 2015-12-17
258403 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added a possibility to query additional compiler options by java infrastructure 2016-03-17
258404 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added a default Ant implementation of CompilerOptionsQuery 2016-03-17
258417 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added ClassPath switching among several ClassPath instances 2016-03-17
258516 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added a CompilerOptionsQuery for unit tests 2016-03-24
258824 editor -- Other apireviews NEW --- NavigationFilter in Caret API 2016-04-28
262148 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added a possibility to listen on package accessibility changes in the AccessibilityQuery 2016-05-19
60853 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Provide SPI for hooking into Fix Imports 2012-03-07
15920 platform Text issues NEW --- Shared "error" annotation 2010-01-12
21233 platform Text issues NEW --- MultiEditorSupport - editor support, which is not closely associated just with swing Document. 2010-01-12
21748 platform Text issues NEW --- [umbrella] cleanup/redesign of openide.text package 2010-01-12
22863 ide Internal issues NEW --- Missing HttpServer API 2006-01-04
35607 platform Window S issues NEW --- Allow placement of toolbar buttons in window title ala Eclipse 2009-01-06
39393 xml Text-Edi issues NEW --- Support popup documentation for XML grammar providers 2007-09-25
46340 platform Window S issues NEW --- Create regular API for sliding functionality 2010-08-11
70096 platform Text issues NEW --- The parent of the CloneableEditor's ActionMap should not be the editor pane's ActionMap 2010-01-12
80707 webservi JAX-WS issues NEW --- Recognize Provider web services as web services 2007-05-14
88352 platform Window S issues NEW --- Ability to use NbPreferences for singleton window persistence 2010-08-11
134206 javaee JSP Pars issues NEW --- Previous public JSP Parser APIs are now missing! 2010-09-21
206791 ide libs issues NEW --- Bundle hudson-remoting library 2013-04-09
132172 editor Navigati jbecicka NEW --- Braces matching improvements 2013-02-19
107904 utilitie Search jhavlin NEW --- Find in files should also display directories matching the given names 2013-03-04
202757 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- allow users to decide which "recommends" plugins are installed 2014-02-10
219869 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- NetBeans doesn't recognize if another IDE instance is already running. 2014-02-10
105293 javaee Code martin_adamek NEW --- Consider providing way to obtain project from ejb/web/ac modules 2007-06-18
34339 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Update Programmers Guide 2011-08-31
36586 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Add support for text messages in Views. 2011-11-24
121270 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Incompatible API changes in debuggercore 2007-11-06
181535 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Add LineBreakpoint into Debugger Core API 2010-03-10
66470 editor Navigati mkristofic NEW --- Review and publish errorstripe's private SPI 2015-10-12
119659 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Allow to use SettingsNames.IDENTIFIER_ACCEPTOR for each language embedded in a document 2011-09-05
144579 editor Settings mkristofic NEW --- Add support for child nodes to MimeLookup Preferences 2013-07-18
130489 editor Code fol mmetelka NEW --- Code folding API/SPI support 2010-09-23
132484 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Use highlighting layers registered for embedded languages 2010-09-23
205707 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Introduce View API/SPI 2012-11-12
129268 versionc Code ovrabec NEW --- VCSContext should be serializable 2014-06-05
107653 serverpl Infrastr phejl NEW --- Unable to deploy web application after using Use Database action 2010-05-13
198372 serverpl Infrastr phejl NEW --- The server plugin should provide instance version 2011-05-12
244698 platform -- Other phejl NEW --- Provide a Version class 2014-05-23
258520 editor CSL (API phejl NEW --- Separate common non UI API classes 2016-04-01
230922 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Move EncapsulateFieldsRefactoring to api 2013-06-07
72586 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- DialogDisplayer should provide ability to remember preferred size 2010-10-07
178336 java Source sdedic NEW --- Compile on Save utility class to work with bytecode without running it 2013-09-02
158018 utilitie Test Run theofanis NEW --- Ability to provide content for JUnit Test Results window 2016-01-11
159570 utilitie Test Run theofanis NEW --- Overly general Project argument to TestSession 2011-11-14
175990 ide Exceptio thurka NEW --- "Hinting" exception reporter's stack similarity algorithm 2015-07-10
48079 projects Ant Free tstupka NEW --- Permit multiple context's in ide-actions/action with differently formatted properties 2014-05-12
53369 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- New method FileOwnerQuery.getMarkedExternalOwner 2014-05-12
53622 projects Ant Free tstupka NEW --- 'relative-path' context format for freeform actions should append '/' to folders 2014-05-12
50039 java Project tzezula NEW --- Project's "Creating Javadoc" property page needs an option and a field for specifying the overview comment file. 2011-08-31
57338 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Allow caller to specify LibraryImplementation l10n 2011-08-31
107071 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Add ClassPath.BOOT_EXECUTE 2012-01-25
153140 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- Allow external locking of the parsing infrastructure 2011-08-31
170277 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- publish FileIndexer 2011-08-31
170278 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- FileIndexer does not notify when index is updated 2011-08-31
181474 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- API Review: Move all java related ClassPath types into a single class 2015-07-21
185764 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- Ability to obtain higher level snapshot 2010-08-20
187282 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- allow to exclude embedded langs for source root 2014-02-04
252644 platform Filesyst tzezula NEW --- Support jimage file in FileUtil.getArchiveFile, FileUtil.getArchiveRoot 2015-11-30
252757 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Added PathEmbeddingMode to handle in archive path in ClassPath.toString 2015-11-30
193249 projects Generic vkvashin NEW --- Open project dialog should allow opening project on alternative file system. 2013-09-06
228041 editor Parsing apireviews NEW --- Added Context.isTransientIndexing method to notify indexers that indexing was started for non saved file. 2013-03-28
229081 java Source apireviews NEW --- Changes to support the updated doctrees API 2013-04-26
246587 java Source apireviews NEW --- Support tags in search and replace patterns 2014-08-21
252998 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added minimal supported source level constant into SourceLevelQuery 2015-06-15
258477 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added a LookupMerger for CompilerOptionsQueryImplementation 2016-03-22
258818 projects Generic apireviews NEW --- Allow to extend the New Java File Wizard by project specific panels 2016-04-14
11514 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Usefull to add HelpCtx parameter to 2010-08-11
14296 xml Code issues NEW --- Unified Grammars Approach 2007-09-25
17142 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Suggest Utilities.{,un}escapeForFilename 2010-04-01
17919 platform Text issues NEW --- Support for multiline annotations 2010-01-12
25762 platform Text issues NEW --- Enhance CloneableEditorSupport to reflect read-only state 2011-12-17
28227 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Use Utilities.translate in IconManager (Utilities.loadImage) 2009-01-06
30660 guibuild Code issues NEW --- Replacement for FormPropertyEditorManager.registerEditor 2011-09-07
32557 xml Code issues NEW --- Define Documentation Provider Interface (SPI) 2007-09-25
34541 platform Text issues NEW --- Provide an EditorSupport class for FileObjects, which does not rely on DataObjects 2011-09-19
47136 debugger Code issues NEW --- Add Breakpoint.getBreakpointType() 2010-01-21
55955 platform Window S issues NEW --- Special sliding mode title API request 2010-08-11
57318 platform Window S issues NEW --- Generic fast search functionality in lists, trees... 2012-12-17
58132 javaee Code issues NEW --- define the raapi (module and API) 2007-06-11
58676 xml Catalog issues NEW --- Cannot add OASIS catalog programmatically by layer 2007-09-25
59046 platform Text issues NEW --- Better support for multiview 2010-01-12
60360 platform Window S issues NEW --- Need API for setting up rendering hints 2010-08-11
82427 platform Window S issues NEW --- API for creating JFileChoosers (and having only one JFileChooser instance) 2010-08-11
85551 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Please create an API to access common directories 2009-01-06
89594 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Please define an annotation to mark methods that could only be called from the AWT Event Thread 2009-01-22
91334 platform Window S issues NEW --- WindowManager should provide API to write into title bar 2010-08-11
96149 javaee Code issues NEW --- Section view UI should be separated from xml/multiview 2008-12-10
143603 javaee Code issues NEW --- API for JNDI name creation for different J2EE servers 2009-05-25
180454 serverpl Code issues NEW --- [69cat] Make "Tool/Servers" panel validating 2010-03-30
184254 platform Text issues NEW --- [69cat] EditorCookie.Observable in ConeableEditorSupport has incoherent (unfinished?) implementation 2012-10-16
31363 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Handling of internal URL w/ extbrowser 2011-09-01
35028 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Permanent help topics window, multiple topics per component, etc. 2011-09-01
204582 platform Filesyst jhavlin NEW --- LayerBuilder.instanceFile overload taking TypeMirror 2013-05-30
113744 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- Ability to provide custom action for controlling task cancellation 2011-08-04
184039 platform Action I JPESKA NEW --- TypesFilter.addDefaultTypes() should not hardcode types from other modules 2011-09-01
65426 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- api changes for better runtime management 2013-08-01
90452 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- SQLExecution interface be made public 2013-09-04
155440 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- MetaData API for returning fixed length types 2013-09-04
192124 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- DatabaseExplorerUIs 2013-08-01
34379 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- [TTV] Provide auto-resize support of columns 2010-10-07
38100 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Debugger Plug-in should be able to modify actions in Debugger Views 2011-08-31
173631 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Add SELECT to AsynchronousModelFilter.CALL enum 2009-10-02
192705 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- There should be a way to submit line breakpoints for a class name and line number. 2010-11-30
226437 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Delete Breakpoints when they lose Context 2014-12-06
243914 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Inability to post a message to the Debugging View message bar 2014-07-17
61821 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- baseDocument ingnores registered DocumentFilter 2011-09-05
115129 editor Settings mkristofic NEW --- Allow pluggable filters for loading/saving settings 2011-06-23
131780 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Update BaseDocument and DocumentContent 2012-07-31
195753 editor Hints & mkristofic NEW --- Frustrating highlighting of missing semi-colons 2013-09-04
23110 editor Actions/ mmetelka NEW --- Allow to show undo/redo action list in editor toolbar 2010-09-23
87745 editor Lexer mmetelka NEW --- Add TokenSequence.hasNext() 2012-11-08
223383 platform Text mmetelka NEW --- EditorCookie.getOpenedPanes() should be deprecated 2013-08-30
257888 editor -- Other mmetelka NEW --- Added methods to append elements to a GapList 2016-03-08
59737 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- API for enumerating registered favourites 2010-10-07
74646 serverpl Infrastr phejl NEW --- Add server customizer support 2007-09-17
38117 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- API to hide the title bar in a TopComponent 2011-08-24
57496 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- Supprt Progress Page and Summary Page 2010-10-07
58859 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Implement a reusable component palette 2008-12-22
68752 platform Palette saubrecht NEW --- Do not enforce too many classes with Palette SPI 2008-12-23
91105 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [65cat] API for extending "About" box 2012-10-23
127079 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- Specify Icons for a Dialog 2010-10-07
122933 editor CSL (API sdedic NEW --- double-click select too much character in editor 2011-09-05
209759 java Source sdedic NEW --- Need API to check if an expression is a compile-time constant 2013-09-02
196466 serverpl Infrastr sj-nb NEW --- Java EE server technologies APIs 2011-06-17
175342 platform Actions tboudreau NEW --- API to structure action processing 2011-05-26
42737 projects Ant Proj tstupka NEW --- Automatically detect changes in build outputs of subprojects 2014-05-12
68827 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- OpenProjectList.PROJECT_BY_DISPLAYNAME Comparator should be public API 2014-05-12
71010 projects Ant Proj tstupka NEW --- Extend the StoreGroup API to allow ToggleButtons with true default value 2014-05-12
122655 projects Ant Proj tstupka NEW --- AntProjectHelper & copy-pasted UpdateHelper 2014-05-12
189472 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Allow annotating an icon of an arbitrary project type 2014-05-12
206744 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Ability to register ActionProvider per command × MIME type 2014-05-12
211060 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- org.netbeans.api.fileinfo.FolderSegment 2014-05-12
212297 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Small height of encoding combo box in New project dialog 2014-05-12
213535 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- ActionProvider cannot listen to details such as selected ProjectConfiguration 2014-05-12
224536 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Provide extension point to change the project node label - analog to ProjectIconAnnotator 2014-05-12
37437 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Missing abilities in ClassPath.createClassLoader: parent & permissions 2009-11-12
45058 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Ability to listen to GlobalPathRegistry.sourceRoots 2009-11-12
45108 java Project tzezula NEW --- New Project wizard, whenever asking for an existing Java package root, should try to verify package structure 2011-08-31
51133 java Project tzezula NEW --- Output window title could contain the name of executed class 2011-08-31
59549 java Freeform tzezula NEW --- should create proxy classpath 2010-01-11
62631 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- API missing Library.getVolumeTypes method 2011-08-31
113953 java Freeform tzezula NEW --- Freeform violates ClasspathProvider contract 2012-10-26
160649 java Project tzezula NEW --- missing constant for methodname in JavaRunner 2012-10-26
188587 utilitie Jump To tzezula NEW --- Make org.netbeans.modules.jumpto public 2011-11-25
193436 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Allow library registration using AnnotationProcessor 2012-02-24
201691 java Classfil tzezula NEW --- Decompiler SPI 2015-07-22
202861 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- Add a method IndexingManager.refreshIndexAndWait which propagates InterruptedException from RU.Work.waitUntilDone 2012-02-09
203217 java Project tzezula NEW --- Once a hint is added to the list in the Tasks view, it is not refreshed when WL is removed 2011-10-06
205359 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Stack trace parsing/hyperlinking API 2015-02-17
206786 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Standard library volumes and/or definer based on Maven artifacts 2012-01-02
213157 java Platform tzezula NEW --- @PlatformInstallRegistration 2012-05-29
213683 java Project tzezula NEW --- ProjectClassPathModifier.addAPI 2015-05-01
8713 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Utilities.isWindows is a poor way to test for case-insensitive filenames 2010-04-01
14207 xml Code issues NEW --- Editor as Reusable Component 2007-09-25
15261 xml Code issues NEW --- Support for shared settings 2007-09-25
15773 xml TAX/Lib issues NEW --- Add TAX locking or utilities taking runnable 2007-09-25
17699 xml TAX/Lib issues NEW --- TreeDocument's setDocumentType and setDocumentElement should not allow replace old set node 2007-09-25
18120 xml TAX/Lib issues NEW --- Several bugs in 2007-09-25
19789 xml TAX/Lib issues NEW --- API implementation resolves CharRef in entity decl. 2007-09-25
21968 xml XSL issues NEW --- Introduce XSL Executor API 2009-01-07
26478 xml TAX issues NEW --- Resolve XML model issues 2011-02-04
37540 debugger Code issues NEW --- Superfluous PropertyChangeListeners in the new API 2005-05-16
116314 javaee JSP Pars issues NEW --- PageInfo.getExtends() returns a jasper-specific class by default 2011-10-04
140588 platform Quick Se jhavlin NEW --- "Search in Go To Type" should be "Search in Types" 2012-05-10
197567 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- JUnit plugin not known to Plugin Manager during first start 2014-02-10
175985 ide Logger mentlicher NEW --- API for easy usage logging 2012-02-01
113322 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Editor API uses too much reflection 2011-09-05
168580 platform Palette saubrecht NEW --- PaletteModule should not be in API 2009-07-15
121443 java Source sdedic NEW --- Enumeration literal 2013-09-02
57970 projects Ant tstupka NEW --- Better control of Ant execution in AntTargetExecutor.Env 2014-05-12
64393 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- need notification when a project file has been created 2014-05-12
42684 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Support pluggable providers for GlobalPathRegistry 2009-11-12
101609 debugger Java mentlicher STAR --- Add List<JPDAClassType> getSubClasses() into JPDAClassType. 2013-01-11
186447 debugger Java mentlicher STAR --- Add API for retrieval of platform sources of a debugger session 2010-05-28
207488 projects Generic alexvsimon STAR --- Project API should be independent 2012-07-26
81330 platform Window S issues STAR --- Remove SDI mode 2010-08-11
209448 editor Hints & mkristofic STAR --- Enhance ErrorDescription(Factory) with optional ID and more details text 2013-09-04
32128 java I18N ralphbenjamin STAR --- Provide Source Internationalization API 2011-11-28
190904 java Source sdedic STAR --- method()method() watch evaluated incorrectly 2014-11-05
210281 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr REOP --- changes in osgi bundles aren't always provided for download from UC 2014-02-10
182427 platform Explorer vv159170 REOP --- Need a way to programmatically initiate edit in-place edit 2015-03-20
69660 platform Window S issues REOP --- [multiview] Missing API to access the multiview instance from client elements 2013-10-17
110237 editor -- Other mkristofic REOP --- JTextField with EditorRegistry dependent APIs has problems 2011-09-05
138558 editor -- Other mkristofic REOP --- Need better way for registering editor hooks 2011-09-05
125741 editor Key bind sdedic REOP --- Common shortcut for jumping between mark occurrences elements 2015-05-19
30209 platform Actions JPESKA REOP --- Automatically add generated mnemonics for large submenus without them 2013-08-31
113326 editor -- Other mkristofic REOP --- Editor API standalone demo doesn't compile 2012-06-07
91711 db Code abadea RESO FIXE Allow DnD of table, column and connection nodes 2007-02-02
91713 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE Provide information about annotation entity mappings 2007-07-04
96200 db Code abadea RESO FIXE Need a public API to extract database meta data during drag n drop of db explorer tables 2007-06-17
99792 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE Java EE generic metadata model API review 2007-04-18
44368 platform Data Sys apireviews RESO FIXE Add ChangeAble DataFilter 2008-12-22
46806 platform -- Other apireviews RESO WONT Support "hidden" attribute on ShortcutsFolder 2008-12-22
49636 java Project apireviews RESO FIXE [50cat] Build/run configurations for j2seproject's 2008-08-22
53454 editor -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE Support for hyperlink feature 2007-11-05
59311 platform Filesyst apireviews RESO FIXE Add FileUtil methods to get URLs for archives and folders 2008-12-22
81510 platform Filesyst apireviews RESO FIXE Delete interceptor SPI 2008-12-22
157911 platform Output W apireviews RESO FIXE IO enhancements 2009-03-11
217904 editor Formatti apireviews RESO FIXE Add OnSaveTask SPI 2013-06-14
246307 editor Parsing apireviews RESO FIXE Added SuspendStatus.isSuspendSupported method 2014-08-19
247200 platform -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE Umbrella API Review of splitting NetBeans to non UI and UI modules 2014-10-18
250691 platform Filesyst apireviews RESO FIXE Allow multiple Repositories for different execution contexts 2015-03-07
27896 projects Generic cwebster RESO FIXE Create Compiler API module 2004-04-19
20672 java Javadoc dbalek RESO FIXE Allow reformat of Javadoc comments 2011-07-14
53400 editor -- Other dbalek RESO FIXE Editor resources layer change. 2009-10-01
26798 projects Generic dkonecny RESO FIXE move Natures definition on system filesystem 2003-12-11
28116 projects Generic dkonecny RESO FIXE Suggesting to remove ContentDescriptor.getContent() 2003-12-11
28454 projects Generic dkonecny RESO FIXE build target can have different conten in different configurations 2003-12-11
32679 platform -- Other dkonecny RESO FIXE create Registry API prototype 2008-12-22
34671 platform -- Other dkonecny RESO FIXE create Convertors API prototype 2008-12-22
43022 java Unsuppor dkonecny RESO FIXE Need implementation of Step Into action in j2seproject 2007-09-26
49634 projects Ant dkonecny RESO FIXE Modularity of freeform project type 2004-12-08
150357 java Project dkonecny RESO FIXE refactor most of J2SE specific code from J2EE project types back to J2SE domain 2010-05-04
141714 platform Plugin M dlipin RESO FIXE Updates of invisible modules not offered in Plugin Manager 2009-08-25
149071 platform Autoupda dlipin RESO FIXE Rid of licenses in Update Center Descriptor 2009-03-17
21849 platform Window S dsimonek RESO FIXE Enhance windows API allowing better programatical handling of window system 2008-12-22
36185 platform Window S dsimonek RESO WONT Create ContainerTopComponent API 2008-12-22
21275 platform Lookup dstrupl RESO DUPL Use JNDI to extend the capabilities of Lookup 2009-11-07
91712 javaee Persiste emononen RESO FIXE Provide API for generation of entities from DB 2007-04-24
20683 java Unsuppor issues RESO FIXE Define source metamodel 2007-09-26
35884 obsolete jarpacka issues RESO WONT remove dependency on Java module 2003-12-11
56597 platform -- Other issues RESO DUPL Need API to find the correct encoding of files. 2008-12-22
64457 platform -- Other issues RESO DUPL LifecycleManager.restart() 2012-04-20
130044 versionc Code issues RESO FIXE Extend MasterFS and VCS SPI with canWrite() 2008-03-20
206214 ide Code issues RESO INCO not working properly 2011-12-12
105212 javaee Code jbaker RESO FIXE API review request - WebLogicalViewProvider extension to support visualweb project error 2007-06-18
34069 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Branding JARs must be colocated with base JARs even w/ netbeans.dirs 2008-12-23
42306 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE Introduce property evaluator API 2004-08-13
42480 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE Misc. reorganizations in Project API 2004-08-13
42525 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE [2004-06-11] Output tab compilation errors redirection 2004-08-13
49026 java Classpat jglick RESO FIXE Permit user to specify ignore list for javac 2011-03-17
102081 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE SPI for single file actions 2011-12-27
109288 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE OS dependency should differentiate between Solaris and Linux 2008-12-22
150447 platform Lookup jglick RESO FIXE @ServiceProvider annotation and processor 2009-02-19
170662 projects Generic jglick RESO WONT Need API to block certain templates in New action 2010-07-02
171428 platform Text jglick RESO FIXE Need common method to mark modified & r/o status on files 2009-12-16
108649 java Source jjancura RESO FIXE No way to wait for changes to a Java file to appear in ClassIndex 2009-05-26
152938 editor Parsing jjancura RESO WONT Better support for multi-source, multi-phase tasks 2009-03-27
207577 java Hints jlahoda RESO FIXE Java Hints API review 2012-11-28
221844 java Source jlahoda RESO FIXE ModificationResult.commit does not work correctly for .form files 2013-08-21
29323 java Unsuppor jpokorsky RESO WONT Some way how to share ProfileType Customizer needed! 2007-09-26
84239 java Unsuppor jpokorsky RESO FIXE Separate Guarded Sections out of the JavaEditor 2007-09-26
206253 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE Plugin Manager in 7.1 refuses installation of plugins using org.netbeans.libs.commons_logging 2012-04-14
211796 ide UI jrechtacek RESO FIXE Improve About box to show if IDE is up-to-date to given state 2012-05-18
30085 platform Filesyst jskrivanek RESO WONT FileObject move notification should be added in the Filesystem API 2008-12-22
17597 platform Actions jtulach RESO FIXE Rework of actions APIs 2009-08-04
35067 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Permit ErrorManager to be replaced w/ java.util.logging & Throwable.cause 2010-03-17
46833 platform Module S jtulach RESO FIXE Allow a module to be run only on some class of operating systems 2008-12-23
54123 platform Module S jtulach RESO FIXE Make it possible to restrict modules that depend on friend API 2008-12-22
77210 platform Actions jtulach RESO FIXE Savable interface replacing SaveCookie; registry for SaveAllAction & Exit dialog 2011-07-28
103467 editor -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Explicit control of UndoableEdit chunking 2010-11-25
120724 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO FIXE FileObject.setAttribute(<String>, <Method>) fails 2011-03-11
190129 platform Launcher jtulach RESO FIXE @annotation to register CLI options 2011-12-31
192948 platform Actions jtulach RESO FIXE Change SaveAction to work with ANY selectionType, not EXACTLY_ONE 2011-01-04
20385 obsolete vcscore mentlicher RESO WONT Version Control API 2005-12-02
52271 projects Generic mentlicher RESO FIXE Need to be able to recognize flat view 2012-04-12
172694 debugger Code mentlicher RESO FIXE Add API for synchronous/asynchronous calls of view model methods. 2009-10-02
72441 projects Generic mkleint RESO FIXE API for inserting nodes into project ui 2007-01-30
186943 projects Generic mkleint RESO FIXE Creating new file without opened project 2014-10-15
59388 editor Completi mmetelka RESO FIXE New Code Completion 2007-11-05
166027 editor Actions/ mmetelka RESO FIXE Fix and clean up editor actions 2009-10-14
258798 editor Actions/ mmetelka RESO FIXE CaretUndo.createCaretUndoEdit() needs to become an official API for actions 2016-05-02
53110 utilitie Search mroskanin RESO FIXE API change 2005-01-18
36141 platform -- Other mslama RESO FIXE [2003-10-15] Enhance TopComponent for unique ID (getID mehod) 2008-12-22
37199 platform Window S mslama RESO FIXE Addition of method WindowManager.findTopComponent(String tcID) 2008-12-22
203523 versionc Git ovrabec RESO FIXE Public Git API 2012-03-12
36122 platform Window S pbuzek RESO FIXE Review API changes 2008-12-22
96070 java Source pflaska RESO FIXE [api] Missing TreeMaker.[Interface|Enum|AnnotationType] 2007-02-28
120379 serverpl Infrastr phejl RESO FIXE Registry should allow plugin to set bundle of properties "atomically" 2007-12-07
122430 serverpl Infrastr phejl RESO FIXE J2EE server profiler API cleanup 2007-12-11
216882 platform Executio phejl RESO FIXE Make extexecution lightweight 2012-08-28
18177 contrib Looks phrebejk RESO FIXE Looks API - create a stable version 2008-11-18
90557 java Source phrebejk RESO DUPL Provide GoToType-like dialog for searching classes 2007-10-01
11928 platform Explorer pnejedly RESO FIXE add selection mode control to TreeView 2008-12-22
80102 javaee Persiste ppisl RESO FIXE Expose Persistence friend APIs to the Creator Pack Project module 2006-07-19
34633 platform Window S pzavadsky RESO DUPL Output Window redesign requirements. 2008-12-22
36123 platform Window S pzavadsky RESO FIXE [2003-09-26] Implement short and long names of TopComponents 2008-12-22
36142 platform Window S pzavadsky RESO FIXE [2003-10-15] Impelement API enhancements 2008-12-22
258764 editor Painting ralphbenjamin RESO FIXE API for sticky windows 2016-04-18
34057 platform -- Other rmatous RESO FIXE Suggest ability to create merged Context's permitting inherited + overridden settings 2008-12-22
37549 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO FIXE Suggested method: FileUtil.getFileDisplayName 2008-12-22
42050 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO FIXE [2004-05-12] Provide a way to filter out files/folders 2008-12-22
42273 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO FIXE [2004-06-01] Deprecate now-inappropriate Repository methods 2008-12-22
106479 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO FIXE Extend ProvidedExtensions to report file locking 2008-12-22
203553 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE "role" annotation in @TopComponent.Registration should allow multiple roles 2011-10-20
20682 java Unsuppor sdedic RESO FIXE Define physical metamodel 2007-09-26
243561 platform Module S sdedic RESO FIXE [server_split] Binary compatibility patch support 2014-11-13
245348 java Source sdedic RESO FIXE API to associate transformed Trees with originals 2014-07-17
247161 editor Parsing sdedic RESO FIXE API changes from the server_split branch to Parsing API, split IDE-specific part 2014-11-13
247163 editor -- Other sdedic RESO FIXE Split IDE/Swing specific parts from Editor API 2015-03-31
250863 editor Options sdedic RESO FIXE module split 2015-03-07
73901 serverpl Infrastr sherold RESO FIXE Need ability to retrieve and run client jar for app with app client 2006-07-19
74387 serverpl Infrastr sherold RESO FIXE Ant (headless) deployment support 2006-04-09
224370 ide Import S theofanis RESO FIXE Support for hooking into the import process 2013-02-14
235112 java JUnit theofanis RESO FIXE Add logging for version 2013-09-01
42631 java Unsuppor tzezula RESO FIXE Provide a way to modify j2seproject classpath programmatically 2007-09-26
44381 java Unsuppor tzezula RESO FIXE Make it possible to get source level from CP root 2007-09-26
55371 projects Librarie tzezula RESO FIXE Public API to manage library instances 2006-10-23
111361 java Platform tzezula RESO FIXE PlatformsCustomizer does not allow to change the category display name 2014-07-01
195249 java Project tzezula RESO FIXE Broken References alert dialog should include button to show Resolve Reference dialog 2011-03-07
60862 platform Output W t_h RESO FIXE Provide an API for adding icon in the output window tab 2009-02-23
82647 platform Output W t_h RESO FIXE Support programmatically scrolling output window to a line with an output listener 2009-03-09
28571 projects Generic vstejskal RESO FIXE Cleanup settings API/SPI 2004-04-19
28674 projects Generic vstejskal RESO FIXE Remove Project.getBaseDirs 2003-12-11
203519 projects Generic yardus RESO FIXE Integrate the profiler execution related actions into the generic project infrastructure 2012-09-20
74329 db Code abadea RESO FIXE API for listening on metadata changes 2006-04-09
74722 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE [EE-32] Not clear error about database not running 2006-05-12
76052 javaee Persiste abadea RESO WONT Review for the j2ee/metadata API 2007-05-13
76084 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE Review for the j2ee/persistenceapi API 2006-08-17
77849 db Code abadea RESO FIXE Introduce an API for recognizing SQL keywords 2006-07-17
80629 db Code abadea RESO FIXE New connection dialog must allow to pass some additional parameters to it 2006-07-28
96265 db Code abadea RESO DUPL DatabaseMetaDataTransfer flavors should be public 2007-02-22
101201 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE j2ee/metadata/support API review 2007-05-02
103872 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE Introduce a method to run an action when a metadata model becomes ready 2007-05-22
110040 javaee Web Proj abadea RESO FIXE Need API to remove project references by name 2007-09-27
112441 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE Make web/webapi public 2007-10-05
120097 db Code abadea RESO FIXE Make Database Explorer API stable 2007-11-02
129685 platform Data Sys abadea RESO FIXE The "encoding" FreeMarker variable is always UTF-8 for XML files 2008-12-22
129775 java Project abadea RESO FIXE Move *TemplateAttributesProvider to java.api.common 2008-03-27
131117 javaee Spring abadea RESO FIXE Upgrade commons_logging.jar to 1.1 2008-04-25
19930 platform Autoupda apireviews RESO FIXE Create an official API for autoupdate module 2008-04-10
35573 editor Macros apireviews RESO FIXE Code templates functionality 2007-11-05
44035 projects Librarie apireviews RESO FIXE Create sharable library descriptor 2008-04-03
58633 platform Output W apireviews RESO FIXE Provide API for creating custom output components 2009-02-23
61948 db Code apireviews RESO WONT API for opening an SQL editor 2005-10-18
68861 xml Text-Edi apireviews RESO FIXE Expose XMLDefaultTokenContext as friend API for web/jspssyntax 2007-09-25
69466 platform Text apireviews RESO WONT Fix the CloneableEditorSupport.wrapEditorComponent() flawed API 2008-12-22
73717 javaee Web Proj apireviews RESO INVA API request for Project Properties Set/Get/ChangeListener 2008-04-09
75075 javaee DD Edito apireviews RESO DUPL Remove web deployment descriptor APIs 2006-04-24
96711 platform Module S apireviews RESO FIXE Provide way for module to declaratively override JRE packages 2008-12-23
100457 platform Navigato apireviews RESO FIXE Ability to remove node-related navigator panels 2008-12-22
103235 editor -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE Setting kit changes most active document 2007-11-05
117450 editor Lexer apireviews RESO FIXE Provide unified LexerInput across multiple joined embedded sections 2008-06-16
126570 serverpl Code apireviews RESO DUPL Support API for handling process and file streams 2008-06-20
127081 db Code apireviews RESO WONT Add support in Database Explorer API to register server providers 2008-02-22
128778 projects Ant apireviews RESO FIXE Permit loggers to inspect Ant reference values 2008-03-06
137437 platform -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE Annotations for NPE (and some other errors) detection 2012-11-21
138504 java Source apireviews RESO FIXE API changes to support the Compile on Save feature 2009-03-19
167901 platform -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE embedded browser friend API review 2009-07-16
201278 debugger Java apireviews RESO WONT JPDABreakpoint with protected constructor. 2011-08-29
203806 java Source apireviews RESO FIXE API review of methods for finding package usages 2011-10-20
215833 platform -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE Allow customization of whether quick search field should always be shown, or not. 2012-08-03
219827 java Project apireviews RESO FIXE SPI replacement to enable J2SE Project extensions to correctly handle Project Properties dialog 2012-11-11
226433 java Project apireviews RESO FIXE API to notify J2SE Project extensions about build script update. 2013-03-14
226657 java Project apireviews RESO FIXE The SourceLevelQuery supports JDK 8 profiles 2013-03-06
226713 java Project apireviews RESO FIXE Added support for JDK 8 profiles into PlatformUiSupport 2013-03-06
228994 platform -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE Added a type safe Pair of 2 elements into openide.util 2013-05-05
244142 editor Parsing apireviews RESO FIXE Added thread safe testing of SchedulerTaskcancelling 2014-07-30
245057 editor Parsing apireviews RESO FIXE Index Query for given file (relative path) 2014-06-16
248216 java Classpat apireviews RESO FIXE Allow different implementations of the GlobalPathRegistry 2014-11-21
259023 editor Painting apireviews RESO FIXE Extend EditorCaret by Position.Bias support 2016-05-31
87600 db Code davidvc RESO FIXE Store connection passwords between sessions 2007-10-16
120357 editor Formatti dbalek RESO WONT Rework and stabilize Editor Indentation API 2016-05-25
123971 java Source dbalek RESO FIXE Add a method to obtain ElementHandles from TypeMirrorHandles representing DeclaredTypes 2007-12-14
152537 editor Parsing dbalek RESO FIXE Implement support for tasks that modify sources 2009-02-19
153957 editor Formatti dbalek RESO FIXE JSP/Java reformating problem 2009-02-19
160485 java Editor dbalek RESO DUPL SPI to add source/Javadoc associations for a binary root on demand 2011-10-19
160771 editor Completi dbalek RESO FIXE Custom Code Templates and Code Completion 2016-01-09
181421 java Classpat dbalek RESO FIXE Missing support for annotation processor options (-Akey=value) 2010-03-05
229849 java Source dbalek RESO FIXE Add utility method to create default constructors 2013-05-21
93029 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE Allow to scroll to certain line number through API 2007-04-18
41606 platform Lookup dkonecny RESO FIXE [devrev] Ability to order items in META-INF/services/ lookup 2008-12-22
42903 projects Ant dkonecny RESO FIXE AntArtifact should support multiple products per one target 2004-08-13
44392 platform Data Sys dkonecny RESO FIXE Need some way of excluding new wizard attrs from FileUtil.copyFile 2008-12-22
47788 projects Ant Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE AntArtifact should provide optional properties for target execution 2005-01-13
49550 projects Ant Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE Make ReferencesHelper.createForeignFileReference produce relative links based on properties 2005-01-11
50484 projects Ant Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE AntArtifact should permit multiple build artifacts 2005-01-13
52691 projects Ant Free dkonecny RESO FIXE Better heuristics for detecting targets 2005-01-27
52886 projects Ant Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE AntArtifact enhancements 2008-04-22
52905 projects Ant Free dkonecny RESO FIXE PrivilegedTemplates customization not possible 2005-01-17
124779 java Project dkonecny RESO FIXE automatic detection of Javadoc root and source root 2009-09-16
76357 javaee Persiste dongmeic RESO FIXE Entity Classes from Database: support automatically generated columns 2011-05-09
171213 debugger Code dprusa RESO FIXE Move MethodChooser functionality to core UI 2010-02-09
42295 platform Window S dsimonek RESO DUPL Add listeners for OPENED, CLOSED events 2008-12-22
45297 platform Window S dsimonek RESO WONT TopComponentGroup has no way to be notified when a top component is hidden or shown by using TopComponent APIs 2008-12-22
58819 platform -- Other dsimonek RESO FIXE Navigator APIs work 2008-12-22
67934 platform Window S dsimonek RESO FIXE API for running modules code when UI is ready 2008-12-22
80918 platform Navigato dsimonek RESO FIXE There is no API to switch navigator panels programmatically 2008-12-22
26275 platform Lookup dstrupl RESO FIXE Create Lookup.Provider interface 2008-12-22
29126 platform Lookup dstrupl RESO FIXE Suggest making MetaInfServicesLookup public 2008-12-22
65950 platform -- Other dstrupl RESO FIXE Setting convertors do not work for subclasses 2008-12-22
83347 editor Hints & dstrupl RESO FIXE [65cat] Stabilize Editor Hints API 2009-04-15
130488 editor -- Other dstrupl RESO WONT Provide better supports for particular editor API/SPIs 2011-11-25
91714 javaee Persiste emononen RESO FIXE Update Use Entity Manager action 2007-04-17
131175 cnd Debugger gordonp RESO FIXE Nonsensical API 2009-06-25
157365 cnd -- Other gorrus RESO FIXE Delete org.netbeans.modules.asm.model.annotations 2009-02-19
6050 platform Text issues RESO WONT Faster alternative to EditorCookie 2016-05-25
18424 editor -- Other issues RESO WONT FilterKit 2007-11-08
19928 platform Text issues RESO INVA I18N - Source Code Encoding capability 2010-07-02
29621 editor Spellche issues RESO FIXE Spellchecking support for property files 2010-09-06
31509 platform -- Other issues RESO WONT Request helper methods to find less specific MIME types 2008-12-22
31856 ide Extbrows issues RESO INVA Need stable API for URL browsing 2011-05-19
35013 obsolete jarpacka issues RESO WONT ManifestProvider refinements 2003-12-11
36636 java Project issues RESO WONT API allowing other modules to hide files in packages view 2003-12-11
42786 platform -- Other issues RESO WORK Shared low memory condition monitor 2008-12-22
43838 editor -- Other issues RESO FIXE [perf] NbJavaFoldMaintainer.ParsingListener called too many times 2007-11-05
44068 editor Refactor issues RESO WONT [api] Incorrect signature to create enumeration 2007-04-03
49294 editor Refactor issues RESO FIXE API for including other than java files to refactoring dialog 2007-04-03
59336 editor Hints & issues RESO FIXE Allow custom components as tootips in editor 2010-03-03
59458 editor Settings issues RESO FIXE Define editor settings classes retrievable through MimeLookup 2008-01-10
82425 platform -- Other issues RESO DUPL API for file chooser over preset directory 2008-12-22
87118 editor Lexer issues RESO FIXE Create LexerRestartInfo final class 2006-10-24
88504 platform NB JUnit issues RESO FIXE Provide a way to register instances in the default lookup in tests 2009-10-01
94365 editor Lexer issues RESO FIXE Ability to remove previously created custom embedding 2007-10-10
107732 editor -- Other issues RESO FIXE Consider placing braces matcher files into a subdir 2007-11-05
131284 editor Navigati issues RESO FIXE Sync model for BracesMatcher is too restrictive 2008-08-29
133605 editor Settings issues RESO FIXE AttributesUtilities .Immutable and .Composite don't respect the ResolveAttribute 2008-04-25
158203 editor Parsing issues RESO FIXE api needed to initiate a new indexing scan 2009-03-28
158206 editor Parsing issues RESO FIXE indexing support enhancements 2009-03-28
173002 editor -- Other issues RESO INCO delayed loading of EditorRegistry listeners 2009-12-07
174569 debugger Code issues RESO FIXE Enhance NodeModel with DnD functionality 2009-12-21
181523 editor -- Other issues RESO FIXE Singleline editors support (was: Export code completion support) 2010-04-02
20522 cnd Terminal ivan RESO DUPL Need openide BOW support for IFDEF's BOW 2008-10-22
90209 db Code jbaker RESO WONT Add a JDBCDriverManager.showAddDriverDialog() taking a driver class parameter 2007-05-02
108422 db Code jbaker RESO FIXE No way to acquire a JDBC connection without the user being prompted for a password 2012-05-23
67030 editor Navigati jbecicka RESO WONT extend HyperlinkProvider spi bypass states of control keys 2010-09-23
76722 editor Refactor jbecicka RESO FIXE Safe delete should be integrated with regular delete 2007-06-15
89605 editor Refactor jbecicka RESO FIXE Language independent refactoring API 2007-04-03
108372 java Refactor jbecicka RESO FIXE Missing API for Java specific refactorings 2007-08-21
20190 platform Lookup jglick RESO FIXE Persistent storage of Lookup.getDefault () 2008-12-22
20211 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE Running Ant using different Ant version / classpath 2004-03-04
28683 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE API to find an installation-relative file 2008-12-22
29914 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Separate Debugger API from openide-deprecated.jar 2008-12-23
30161 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Permit modules to add "upgrade" transformations of module dependencies 2008-12-23
32054 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Lock user directory 2008-12-22
32092 platform Actions jglick RESO FIXE Minimal implementation of ActionManager 2008-12-22
32439 platform -- Other jglick RESO WONT Mutex rewrite 2008-12-22
34205 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Should be possible to autoconvert package deps of the form [some.pkg.SampleClass] 2008-12-23
35449 platform Explorer jglick RESO FIXE Move deprecated/bytecode patched classes to openide/deprecated 2008-12-22
38306 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE Change registration mechanism for in-VM taskdefs 2004-01-07
38330 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Add ModuleInfo.getClassLoader() 2008-12-22
42421 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE Permit a Project to deregister itself from ProjectManager 2005-09-05
42685 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE Remove AntProjectHelper.getName/getDisplayName 2004-08-13
43845 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE Ability to check for cyclic dependencies between projects 2004-08-13
46459 platform Filesyst jglick RESO FIXE Request FileUtil.preventFileChooserSymlinkTraversal 2008-12-22
49650 projects Generic jglick RESO DUPL Support SPI: artifact chooser 2010-05-04
57798 platform Launcher jglick RESO FIXE Permit userdir to be split into preferences vs. cache 2012-02-09
73616 projects Generic jglick RESO WONT Project developers need these UI APIs 2010-05-04
75937 apisuppo Project jglick RESO WONT Provide friend API from apisupport for NBM project template wizards 2011-11-21
89998 platform Module S jglick RESO DUPL Add restart method to org.openide.LifecycleManager 2009-07-08
103187 platform Data Sys jglick RESO FIXE Permit folder ordering using numeric sort 2008-12-22
108608 projects Generic jglick RESO DUPL Make project context menu declarative 2010-05-03
116567 projects Generic jglick RESO WONT Please put default folder value as src/ 2010-07-02
136595 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE DOM utility methods to add to org.openide.xml.XMLUtil 2011-03-07
137069 platform NB JUnit jglick RESO FIXE Convenient way to mark unit tests unreliable 2009-09-29
141886 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE Let user select alternate file extensions in simple target chooser 2010-04-16
141925 platform Filesyst jglick RESO FIXE Reliable layer overrides without artificial module dependencies 2011-11-01
146852 projects Ant Proj jglick RESO FIXE Registering external source roots in postWriteRequest is unreliable 2009-05-19
173413 platform Options& jglick RESO FIXE NetBeans keyring 2010-05-05
178426 ide Schema2B jglick RESO FIXE Replace <schema2beans> with annotation processor 2009-12-18
189320 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE Select in Projects on editor tab context menu 2010-09-16
192750 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Compile-time bundle keys 2014-11-06
194744 java Project jglick RESO FIXE Ability to resolve a broken library reference in a customized manner 2011-12-29
195041 platform Autoupda jglick RESO FIXE Permit external references to NBM contents 2011-03-25
208213 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE IndexingManager.runProtected from project system operations 2015-01-30
213562 platform Filesyst jglick RESO FIXE NetBeans 7.2 does not support UNC paths 2012-09-14
63054 platform Options& jjancura RESO FIXE Options API design problems 2008-12-22
90724 obsolete language jjancura RESO FIXE Generic Languages Support 2015-11-14
58461 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE public api to get and set Main project 2006-07-11
58462 projects Generic jlahoda RESO DUPL public api to get recent opened project list 2006-12-01
58465 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE API to customize Open Project startup folder 2006-03-22
61137 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE Unnecessary API additions in Project API for Delete Project 2005-09-05
61546 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE Project Delete API changes/adjustments, extending the API for project copy/rename/move 2005-09-05
63036 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE Rename project folder check box doesn't work 2005-10-13
65918 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE Add Clean(Main)Project actions into Actions/Project folder 2006-11-20
77766 projects Generic jlahoda RESO DUPL Allow nested projects to participate in outer project's logical view 2006-06-13
209375 java Source jlahoda RESO FIXE Support for consecutive changes to a tree 2012-04-14
124697 platform Progress JPESKA RESO WONT Get status if a progress handle is started or not 2011-08-30
26962 projects Generic jpokorsky RESO FIXE Separate filessets api into its own module 2003-12-11
29179 projects Generic jpokorsky RESO FIXE Remove Project Execution API 2003-12-11
49731 java Unsuppor jpokorsky RESO FIXE Remove JMIElementCookie or do not extend Node.Cookie 2007-09-26
129949 java Source jpokorsky RESO FIXE [api] Permit modifications of guarded JavaSource 2008-03-15
170664 java Refactor jpokorsky RESO FIXE Need a way to detect that a refactoring is in progress 2009-11-10
15267 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek RESO DUPL [2004-05-15] Insufficient API for TemplateWizard iterators 2008-12-22
21281 platform Actions jrechtacek RESO FIXE enabling actions assoc. w/ a DataObject 2008-12-22
23116 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek RESO FIXE [2004-03-31] Need to be able to veto user press of Next or Finish button in Wizard step 2008-12-22
26552 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek RESO WONT Clean up Wizard API 2008-12-22
42259 ide Import S jrechtacek RESO INVA Allow to ignore old deserialized classes 2008-12-22
42785 projects Generic jrechtacek RESO FIXE Behavior of NewProject w.r.t. InstantiatingIterator probably wrong 2004-08-13
58889 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek RESO FIXE Enhance wizard framework to display progress indication on Finish 2008-12-22
90192 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE Autoupdate provides SPI for Update Centers 2007-10-24
101054 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO WORK inform user of why module is updated 2008-10-16
112246 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE New API marked deprecated 2007-08-08
112251 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE autoupdate-info-2_5.dtd incl. eager/autoload attrs on <module> 2007-08-08
194530 platform -- Other jrechtacek RESO FIXE Introduce API for network proxy settings 2011-06-24
196075 platform Launcher jrechtacek RESO FIXE On Windows - move default userdir to AppData and cachedir to Local AppData 2012-05-01
212218 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE Extend Autoupdate API to improve UI of update IDE 2012-05-17
36188 contrib Registry jskrivanek RESO WONT Provide capability to store natively as a basic type 2008-12-22
191639 platform -- Other jstola RESO FIXE Move NbClipboard into a module with less dependencies 2010-12-10
13250 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO FIXE Allow to have token placeholders for templates 2012-05-30
17081 platform Text jtulach RESO FIXE Suggest easier subclass of DataEditorSupport 2008-12-22
17756 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO WONT XMLDataObject should support Environment attaching by MIME type. 2008-12-22
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