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30 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
170595 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- Debug doesn't stop correctly 2015-05-18
257279 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- Refactor - Rename a file (or project) causes problems with version control 2015-12-24
150174 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Visible *$py.class file nodes 2009-01-15
150790 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- need a space in "Pylint location(" label from Python Options 2009-01-15
150797 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Python Options Debugger colors and fonts button label font size should not change 2009-01-15
150812 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- debugging window is not displayed with debugging shell font styles for bold/italic/bolditalic 2009-01-15
150853 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- "abstract" class and MismatchTokenException 2009-01-15
152983 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Cannot cancel PYTHONPATH scanning 2009-01-15
153688 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- file open commands give ValueError not seen in shell 2009-01-15
154654 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- list multiple VCS such as subversion,mercurial 2009-01-15
156149 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- The code completion does not recognize lib-dynload libraries 2009-01-15
156150 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Code completion not working for egg files 2009-01-15
160238 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- .pyc files marked as shareable 2009-03-13
162423 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- @rw_property is not ok 2009-04-10
169159 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Add a GUI designer for pyGTK or wxPython 2009-07-25
171535 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Erroneous message when trying to rename package 2009-09-05
190954 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Module is installed on my desktop and I am able to run it on Python IDLE. However, I get the above error. The path for the module has also been configured. I was able to run the script on Eclipse. I tried this on two seperate installations of netbeans a 2015-05-26
196822 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- autocomplete broken when module in non-default source directory 2011-03-18
151349 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- file/directory chooser does not remember previously selected location 2015-05-19
156205 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- I18N - Python Interactive Console not from bundle file 2015-05-25
159042 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- builtin python decorators in code check 2015-01-02
161404 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- Please integrate pylint 2015-01-02
189759 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- "Browse Main Modules" window has to be closed twice 2015-05-24
229940 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- Could the NB Team restore support for Python 3. Its ridiculous to have so many different IDEs on my PC. 2016-01-28
250166 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- Add/enhance remote development capabilities 2015-02-02
192578 python Code vincentvdl NEW --- source encoding doesn't add declaration 2015-05-24
151140 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- [65cat]Move Up/Move Down doesn't work properly 2015-11-08
150601 python Code mr_lou_d STAR --- "Debug <filename>" is missing from source file context menu 2015-06-17
169385 python Code mr_lou_d STAR --- 3116 ms - python platforms -> "auto detect" 2015-11-27
153498 python Code vincentvdl STAR --- Provide support for UTF-8 2015-08-13
30 bugs found.
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