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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
296 obsolete debugger issues CLOS WONT Debugger does not stop on breakpoints in static initializer. It seems that this bug cannot be fixed. 2002-07-19
1291 obsolete language support RESO FIXE Interpreter module supporting Java syntax? 2008-08-01
1393 obsolete vcscore mentlicher CLOS WONT Provide hooks for diffing/merging of data objects for VCS support? 2003-07-01
1775 obsolete applet lmartinek CLOS WONT There is no output from applet executed in appletviewer. Output from web browser is written to console. 2003-07-02
1778 obsolete applet support CLOS FIXE Second attempt to execute applet from web browser doesn`t work. 2003-07-02
2111 obsolete makefile support CLOS WORK Trying to open Command property editor of Makefile Support I have got an exception 2002-07-19
2138 obsolete makefile issues CLOS WORK Project Settings| Makefile Command property displays only NbProcessDescriptor. No action is possible in this property. 2005-03-09
2224 obsolete applet issues CLOS FIXE Debugging of SwingApplets does not work. 2005-03-09
2433 obsolete icebrows rkubacki CLOS FIXE Internal browser doesn`t handle a directory listing. It generates a bad html page 2003-07-02
2479 obsolete applet issues CLOS INVA Applets module is missing in Project Settings| Control Panel. 2005-03-09
2491 obsolete applet support CLOS FIXE Applet can be executed under debugger, but execution via "Execute" fails: Start: applet not initialized. Generated HTML page displays without the applet. 2002-07-19
2501 obsolete applet issues RESO INCO Suggest providing support in Applet module for Sun`s HTML converter (from APPLET tag -> OBJECT tag). 2011-09-19
2820 obsolete applet issues CLOS FIXE Message box in applet execution says: !Check if valid processor property is set in Applets in Control Panel. 2005-03-09
2992 obsolete applet jglick CLOS FIXE Does not seem possible to view standard output/error from applets. 2003-07-02
3127 obsolete icebrows rkubacki CLOS FIXE Message after browsing applet jdk12.2/demos/applets/Animator/Example1.html 2003-07-02
3132 obsolete icebrows rkubacki CLOS WONT Java2D examples ($JAVA_HOME/demo/jfc/Java2D/Java2Ddemo.hml not was showed successful 2003-07-02
3284 obsolete applet issues CLOS WORK When debugging applet current directory should be that of html file. 2005-03-09
3737 obsolete jarpacka pnejedly RESO FIXE jar package with good MANIFEST (containing top Main-Class) might be made executable. 2002-02-20
3983 obsolete crosscom jkoplin CLOS WORK The cross-dir compiler doesn`t correctly manage the "debug" flag 2003-07-02
4026 obsolete applet support CLOS FIXE Exception while debugging with Applet debugger type. 2003-07-02
4029 obsolete jarpacka issues RESO WONT Execution properties cannot be changed for nodes in JarFileSystem. 2005-03-09
4073 obsolete applet mkubec CLOS FIXE message from any applet run by View: Not secure class loader: 2002-10-17
4146 obsolete applet pzajac CLOS WONT Applet is not compiled on Applet execution. 2002-07-19
4319 obsolete jarpacka issues CLOS FIXE Deleting jar IN repository should unmount the same jar mounted AS repository 2003-07-01
4328 obsolete applet issues CLOS FIXE Applet cannot be debugged under JDK 1.3. 2005-03-09
25 bugs found.
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