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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
270412 ide Code issues NEW --- Cannot add glassfish server 4.1.2 instance in services tab of IDE 2017-05-12
270962 ide UI issues NEW --- ctrl-shift-F no longer searches terminal 2017-06-26
206311 ide Performa thurka NEW --- Eliminate IO in AWT 2012-04-16
234156 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- names of project in project explorer windows are not showing 2013-08-09
238203 ide Logger mentlicher NEW --- Increase Number of Log File Generations 2013-11-11
270826 ide Code issues NEW --- warn after updating IDE, modules disabled 2017-07-13
270423 ide Code issues NEW --- Class main codes removed (deletion disaster) 2017-04-18
270476 ide Exceptio thurka NEW --- Exception reporter malfunction 2017-04-24
270675 ide Code issues NEW --- When i try to open a project 2017-05-18
212673 ide Exceptio thurka NEW --- Prevent users with old dev builds to create/reopen issues 2015-07-10
269439 ide Exceptio thurka NEW --- exception reporter "seems to be disconnected from the network" 2016-12-27
244026 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- Fn key on Mac keyboard unrecognized in Keymap Preferences dialogs 2014-04-23
271037 ide UI issues NEW --- Netbeans UI freezes after 'Revert Modifications' of a C/C++ file 2017-07-05
269441 ide Code issues NEW --- Server redirected too many times 2016-12-30
206847 ide UI johnjullion NEW --- Monetize the NetBeans Update Portal for commercial products 2014-02-04
268481 ide Code issues NEW --- StaticMetaModel not recognized by the IDE 2016-10-12
270925 ide Code issues NEW --- Program Freezes after hitting enter. 2017-06-21
271599 ide Code issues NEW --- Автоматически сгенерированный текст нельзя изменить и из-за него программа не работает. Хочу изменять все 2017-10-08
271469 ide Code issues NEW --- Project PHP on remote server. Renaming a file (uppercase/lowercase) on IDE, creates a new file on the remote server. 06:36:05
125213 ide Extbrows jstola NEW --- Improve debuggability of the extbrowser module 2015-01-28
270487 ide Code issues NEW --- java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location 2017-10-06
271292 ide Code issues NEW --- Memory leak 2017-08-14
271413 ide Code issues NEW --- [90cat] waiting on everything... 2017-08-31
271522 ide Code issues NEW --- StackOverflowError at java.util.regex.Matcher.appendReplacement 2017-10-03
247549 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- valueChangeListener="#{maintenance.datachanged}" is invoked instead of "#{session_tabelle.oldnamechanged}"> 2014-09-29
25 bugs found.
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