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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
268507 ide Code issues NEW --- Sintax error: CriteriaBuilder, no suitable method found 2016-12-27
257185 ide Code issues REOP --- NullPointerException at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicScrollPaneUI$Handler.mouseWheelMoved 12:06:25
262320 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- LowPerformance took 24488 ms. 2016-06-03
269152 ide Code issues NEW --- pre-defined libraries are not recognized by projects, saying that the library could not be found 2016-11-29
253199 ide Import S theofanis NEW --- Move IDE settings to cloud 2015-12-21
135222 ide Code tslota NEW --- Improve support for editing files that do not belong to a project 2012-05-25
267838 ide Code issues NEW --- Problem with creating JDBC Resources and Connection Pools on GlassFish Server using NetBeans IDE appropriate wizard. 2016-09-26
206847 ide UI johnjullion NEW --- Monetize the NetBeans Update Portal for commercial products 2014-02-04
269176 ide UI issues NEW --- significant performance hit adding/deleting lines while editing 2016-11-30
268528 ide Code issues NEW --- Go To Type is finding from unopened projects 2016-10-14
269487 ide Code issues NEW --- IDE not able to display Chinese correctly in code 2017-01-06
269439 ide Exceptio thurka NEW --- exception reporter "seems to be disconnected from the network" 2016-12-27
232364 ide Logger mentlicher NEW --- Upload updater.jar.* files when reporting a exception 2013-09-03
268458 ide Code issues NEW --- Scroll on document is too fast after MacOS Sierra update 2016-10-27
269187 ide Features anebuzelsky NEW --- After successuly installing NetBeans IDE 8.2 I launched the program and noticed that the libraries folder is empty, I am not able to add new library (button shaded out). 2016-11-30
240615 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- NetBeans fails to start due to module. No disable module dialog 2014-01-21
269825 ide Code issues NEW --- Uploading/Downloiding file from Remote connection Issue 2017-02-15
269441 ide Code issues NEW --- Server redirected too many times 2016-12-30
244026 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- Fn key on Mac keyboard unrecognized in Keymap Preferences dialogs 2014-04-23
268644 ide Code issues NEW --- Netbeans crashed during editing Tue 17:34
269192 ide Code issues NEW --- Proxy Connection Test passes with blocked connection 2017-01-17
268406 ide Code issues NEW --- None of arrow key, del, backspace key works in netbeans 8.2 2016-10-07
269109 ide Code issues NEW --- IDE freezes, locks up when opening database explorer 2016-11-25
241520 ide Performa thurka NEW --- Stop Synchronization on opening netbeans 2014-02-07
205282 ide Logger S musilt2 NEW --- Improve duplicate detection for slownesses 2013-07-11
25 bugs found.
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