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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
235073 db MySQL lfischmeistr NEW --- Cannot stop MYSQL server from IDE 2014-01-08
155705 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- dbexlorer: No UI for creating a schema 2013-08-01
133989 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Database model API 2013-09-04
201574 db PL SQL issues NEW --- PL/SQL Support doesn't work with non-Oracle connections 2014-04-01
152233 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Dialogs that refer to DB identifiers should quote automatically 2013-08-01
154739 db Show Dat lfischmeistr NEW --- Add ability to export data from results as XML 2013-08-01
190298 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- When using the sql editor the results of a query are not accessible using a screenreader such as jaws 2013-08-01
140723 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- SQL CC: Offer stored procedures in code completion 2013-08-01
105684 db DB schem lfischmeistr NEW --- DB Explorer should detect the version of the driver and report it it's not a supported version 2013-09-04
172280 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- SQL code completion: CREATE command completelly missing 2013-09-04
150098 db MySQL lfischmeistr NEW --- MySQL server can't be started on Mac OS X without sudo 2013-09-04
134213 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Quick view of table info 2013-09-04
85467 db Derby lfischmeistr NEW --- Netbeans 5.5beta2 uses fixed port when creating a Derby table 2013-08-01
189051 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- DB Outpus always shows "Line 1, column 1" as error location 2013-09-04
201493 db PL SQL issues NEW --- NPE at org.netbeans.modules.plsql.filetype.PlsqlDataObject.<init> 2014-04-01
149662 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Make is possible to be notified when a connection state has changed 2013-08-01
127597 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- SQL Editor doesn't show warnings generated from requests 2013-09-04
150212 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Connection to not running server is not added 2013-09-04
134308 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Provide API that allows other modules to register actions on a database node 2013-09-04
154741 db Show Dat lfischmeistr NEW --- Add ability to import data from XML 2013-08-01
156492 db Show Dat lfischmeistr NEW --- Make it possible to set page size to "infinite" 2013-08-01
69658 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- [50cat] Db module should provide some wizard for creating foreign keys. 2013-08-01
87703 db DB schem lfischmeistr NEW --- Split dbschema into module/library jars 2013-08-01
154384 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Bundle open source JTDS driver 2013-08-01
170181 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Allow creating database in various places in the UI 2013-08-01
25 bugs found.
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