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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
120810 javascri -- Other ads RESO FIXE Javascript wizard offers uncomfortable path for new .js 2011-11-01
176420 javascri -- Other ads RESO FIXE Exception when pressing Browse in the New JavaScript file wizard 2009-11-10
138433 javascri -- Other apireviews RESO FIXE A new cluster webcommon proposal 2009-02-27
269770 javascri Editor arusinha RESO INVA All the occurrences of a variable is not highlighted in some cases 2017-04-11
268488 javascri JSON arusinha STAR --- Formatting a json file brings wrong output and is slow Thu 17:51
269417 javascri Formatti arusinha RESO INVA Code-format makes package.json unreadable 2017-03-24
215318 javascri Editor arusinha RESO FIXE Comments aren't closed automatically 2017-05-11
240529 javascri Editor arusinha RESO FIXE Don't collapse empty {} 2017-07-02
249892 javascri Editor arusinha NEW --- Please add feature to check types via JSDoc 2017-06-26
252640 javascri JSON arusinha NEW --- Navigator doesn't work for package.json 2017-07-10
269659 javascri Editor arusinha RESO FIXE Wrong "Duplicate name of property" hint 2017-03-24
137505 javascri Debugger bhatt246 RESO DUPL Debugging Firefox plugin does not detect unsupported Firefox versions 2008-07-13
136444 javascri Editor cnguyencasj VERI WORK Typo error in dialog caption 2009-02-27
203044 javascri Editor cyhelsky RESO INCO Low performance of typing in large (20kb) .js file 2012-10-22
144376 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE [65cat][Debugger] Illegal character in authority at index 7: file://C:\Documents and Settings\amontejo\Local Settings\Temp\modules.ext.debugger---netbeans-debugger-port=2093--netbeans-debugger-session-id=NETBEANS-INTERNETEXPLOR 2008-08-27
146211 javascri Debugger deva VERI WORK Unable to use debugger for Internet Explorer 2009-05-07
147303 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE Breakpoints don't work for JavaScript debugger in PHP 2008-10-05
147305 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE Setting more than 1 breakpoint causes HTML content to be lost 2008-10-01
147434 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE Read-only sources duplicated 2011-12-13
147949 javascri Debugger deva RESO WORK REGRESSION: breakpoints for IE broken 2008-09-26
137375 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE URL breakpoints do not work and may cause the IDE to hang 2008-08-15
138985 javascri Debugger deva RESO FIXE DebugURL: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Queue full 2008-07-25
139423 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE IDE throws AssertionError while try debug php project with specific settings 2008-08-01
139660 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE IE crashes with Suspend on Debugger 2008-07-11
139671 javascri Debugger deva RESO WONT Need to parse debugger input 2008-07-29
25 bugs found.
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