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  • Product: guibuilder

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
245018 guibuild Natural 537931 VERI FIXE Design view displays localization keys instead of the text after restarting IDE 2015-09-25
104877 guibuild Binding abadea RESO DUPL Netbean fails to create a CRUD app pointed to an external MS SQL server 2007-05-28
49203 guibuild Code anandkaria RESO INVA JTable-Header are not showing & No scrolling 2004-09-20
133256 guibuild Binding angus RESO FIXE enhance the data binding with mysql 2008-06-02
91271 guibuild Natural antonioni RESO DUPL DISQUETTE ICON DON'T SAVE FORM 2006-12-19
238981 guibuild Code apk0930 RESO DUPL NetBeansIDE 7.4 - Can't edit or view WebcamStudio main class project design in GUIBuilder 2015-01-12
48288 guibuild Code arseniy RESO FIXE Integrate form editor with refactoring 2008-07-15
89490 guibuild Code arseniy RESO FIXE [6.0 planning] Swing Application Framework support 2007-04-19
89495 guibuild Code arseniy RESO FIXE [6.0 planning] Support for Swing data-aware applications 2007-04-19
216731 guibuild Code asenk RESO FIXE Missing license header in form module 2012-08-29
200940 guibuild Code BanKiBoon RESO INCO I can't change anything using the vis.Edit 2011-11-16
25860 guibuild Code blee RESO WORK JToolBar rollover property missing. 2002-07-22
26955 guibuild Code blee VERI DUPL Switching between AQUA and default layout changes background 2003-07-10
124519 guibuild Code boustanihani RESO INVA Refactor (move) form containing custom visual beans 2008-01-02
121426 guibuild Binding davidvc RESO DUPL Created CRUD database (Derby client/Server) using wizard showed only some columns in resulting app 2007-11-09
150057 guibuild Code davidvc RESO DUPL Exception arises for PostgreSQL by attempt to run Java Desktop Application 2008-11-25
5294 guibuild Code dkaspar CLOS INVA AWT components in Swing Panel are visible out of Panel 2003-07-02
5434 guibuild Code dkaspar CLOS INVA Missing Timer component only in multiuser mode in CE build 2003-07-02
5528 guibuild Code dkaspar CLOS FIXE Error openning .form in FormEditor 2003-07-02
36126 guibuild Code dpavlica RESO FIXE [2003-10-31] Specify new visual design for Component Palette for the new window system 2003-12-11
40663 guibuild Code dpavlica NEW --- propsheet in Form Ed should be dedicated to form 2008-04-28
39349 guibuild Code dpavlica CLOS FIXE UI-spec for new component palette must be changed 2004-02-24
4218 guibuild Code dprusa CLOS FIXE Panel and JPanel cannot be pasted. 2002-07-19
5088 guibuild Code dprusa CLOS FIXE The first item from the list of encodings could not be selected. 2003-07-02
23557 guibuild Code dsimonek CLOS DUPL java.lang.NullPointerException 2003-06-30
25 bugs found.
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