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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
14911 debugger Code issues NEW --- Possible jump from glyph to Debugger window|Call stack tab 2005-05-13
16169 debugger Code issues NEW --- Fixed watches defined by special format of the expression. 2005-05-13
16370 debugger Code issues NEW --- CallStack view should scroll 2005-05-13
19870 debugger Code issues NEW --- Allow multiple debugger windows to be open 2005-05-16
20239 debugger Code issues NEW --- Display values of "very local" variables. 2005-05-16
22170 debugger Code issues NEW --- Request for "Quick Watch" 2015-02-17
23362 debugger Java issues NEW --- Change session state names 2005-05-16
23371 debugger Java issues NEW --- Wording changes in Add Breakpoint dialog 2005-05-16
23640 debugger Code issues NEW --- Add Pause and Continue to the contextual menu of sessions 2005-05-16
24468 debugger Code issues NEW --- Evaluate and modify variable while debugging 2005-05-16
24726 debugger Code issues NEW --- Method and line columns should be available for the thread list 2005-05-16
24754 debugger Code issues NEW --- Allow stack to show full information about the calls 2005-05-16
26697 debugger Code lcincura NEW --- Testing 64bit solaris programs 2005-05-16
27072 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Re-evaluate some of the breakpoint types at some point 2013-09-04
29663 debugger Java issues NEW --- Better feedback when encountering a thread breakpoint 2005-05-12
33673 debugger Code issues NEW --- Verification should be added to New Watch dialog 2007-02-13
34336 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- replace lists in New Breakpoint Dialog by some tree choosers 2011-08-31
34339 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Update Programmers Guide 2011-08-31
35533 debugger Java issues NEW --- Display As item should be available for all variables even if it does nothing. 2005-12-22
35706 debugger Java issues NEW --- Can HIE give input on the "logical" display of variables in locals? 2008-10-29
36586 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Add support for text messages in Views. 2011-11-24
37540 debugger Code issues NEW --- Superfluous PropertyChangeListeners in the new API 2005-05-16
38100 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Debugger Plug-in should be able to modify actions in Debugger Views 2011-08-31
38762 debugger Code issues NEW --- Should be able to step backwards in execution-time 2014-08-01
39263 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- better feedback on Fix & Continue 2011-08-31
25 bugs found.
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