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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
204060 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Refactor > Inspect and Transform.. is an awsome feature. But I'm missing the option to directly apply code formatting 2011-10-24
163588 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- BlueJ project cannot be converted to J2SE project when IDE started in ergo mode 2010-07-30
166871 ide Features issues NEW --- No maven options at startup, neither ANT, Java Debugger, Profiler, GUI designer, etc... 2009-09-03
201705 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- Suite doesn't show as as such (no Suite Icon in the projects tab) 2011-09-19
214741 cnd Editor issues NEW --- Sort code tabs 2012-06-26
224418 profiler Ide issues NEW --- "Profile" menu - weird items with freshly installed ergonomic IDE 2013-01-03
227106 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- syntax coloring not available when opening file type for which module has to be loaded on demand 2013-09-02
198306 php Editor obrejla NEW --- PHP Feature Request : Select only the variable name (without the $) when double-clicked. 2013-12-15
234173 versionc Subversi ovrabec NEW --- Not a bug : enhance the SVN change list 2013-08-09
192850 javaee Code issues NEW --- Web frameworks broken by an autoupdate plugin that provides a JSF component library 2011-01-13
202318 projects Ant tstupka NEW --- Cannot create a toolbar shortcut from Ant target during first start 2014-05-12
166013 javaee Code issues STAR --- Cant create WebJpa or JsfJpa sample 2010-08-06
210236 editor Settings mkristofic REOP --- IllegalArgumentException: No parser for mime type: text/x-java 2015-03-23
204063 versionc Code ovrabec REOP --- Integrate "Refactor > Inspect and Transform.." functionality into the svn/git/cvs/... screen 2014-06-05
14 bugs found.
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