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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
80973 uml Diagram issues NEW --- There is no direct way to add DataTypes from standard java library 2007-06-12
89042 uml General issues NEW --- step of element resizing by shortcut should depend on how key is pressed 2006-11-09
91425 uml Reportin issues NEW --- need tree view 2006-12-21
86315 uml Code Gen issues NEW --- UML should indicate that model element or source code was changed 2007-10-19
133975 uml Diagram issues NEW --- collaboration diagram ported to NB visual library. 2008-08-14
133976 uml Diagram issues NEW --- component diagram ported to NB visual library. 2008-09-10
152824 uml General issues NEW --- able to add tags but unable to search by tag value 2008-11-09
123518 uml General issues NEW --- Poor performance opening UML diagrams 2008-06-27
133977 uml Diagram issues NEW --- deployment diagram ported to NB visual library. 2009-03-10
85705 uml Project issues NEW --- objects from java.lang package should be created as datatypes in appropriate package 2006-09-25
82866 uml Reverse issues NEW --- Provide filtering capability to exclude standard J2SE API from sequence diagrams 2006-08-31
90689 uml Diagram issues NEW --- allow users to specifiy what to display for operations on class diagram 2009-01-22
79680 uml General issues NEW --- UML undo/redo functionality request 2009-12-25
105060 uml General krichard NEW --- Graph Library Issues 2008-04-25
86126 uml Reportin issues NEW --- Most properties for attributes and operations are missed 2007-01-18
86379 uml Project issues NEW --- It's good to have diff and possibility to solve conflicts between java and uml projects 2008-04-25
102545 uml General issues NEW --- UML support for Mac 2007-07-31
139645 uml General issues NEW --- The visual library BirdView should be used in the UML diagrams 2008-07-10
83912 uml Diagram issues NEW --- ability to create a generic class element having hierarchy argument, in drawing area is requested 2007-03-07
147734 uml General issues NEW --- Test automation APIs 2008-09-23
84274 uml General issues NEW --- Support non-linear magnification (fish eye view) 2007-10-19
82880 uml Reverse issues NEW --- IDE's performance is poor after failing(due to memory issues) to reverse engineer a huge java projct 2006-08-31
135058 uml General issues NEW --- XMI import/export 2008-08-25
83889 uml Project issues NEW --- feature to import and export uml project 2006-09-19
155065 uml General issues NEW --- Alignment Tools 2008-12-09
25 bugs found.
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