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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
254336 groovy Grails bruno.flavio STAR --- Support for Grails 3 is missing 2016-03-20
254405 groovy Grails bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Grails 3 Project signature support. 2015-08-25
255050 groovy Editor bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Failing org.netbeans.modules.groovy.editor.occurrences.* tests 2015-10-09
206555 groovy Grails bruno.flavio NEW --- need a way to add multiple grails versions to the IDE 2015-11-15
240826 groovy GSP bruno.flavio VERI FIXE IllegalStateException: Lexer org.netbeans.modules.groovy.gsp.lexer.GspLexer@2a9ee93 returned null token but lexerInput.readLength()=2 lexer-state: GEND_TAG tokenStartOffset=945, readOffset=947, 2016-02-08
246573 groovy Editor bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Code Highlighting not consitent 2015-09-29
252320 groovy Refactor bruno.flavio STAR --- org.netbeans.modules.groovy.refactoring.RefactoringTask$TextComponentTask.isValid: LowPerformance took 104098 ms. 2016-01-02
258407 groovy Grails bruno.flavio STAR --- Error when creating a Grails project. 2016-08-09
236438 groovy Code bruno.flavio RESO DUPL Groovy classes not found during run. Not in target directory. Maven project. 2016-02-10
246191 groovy Code bruno.flavio RESO DUPL CoS Groovy JUnit tests do not work 2016-02-10
247195 groovy Code bruno.flavio NEW --- Editor does not open generated Groovy class 2016-02-08
249599 groovy Editor bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Negative "Insert Closing Brackets Automatically" ignored when editing Groovy classes. 2015-03-08
250798 groovy Grails bruno.flavio RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.groovy.grailsproject.ui.wizards.GrailsArtifactWizardIterator.instantiate 2015-12-31
252737 groovy Editor bruno.flavio RESO FIXE I18N: "Fix Imports..." is hardcoded 2016-05-09
253599 groovy Code bruno.flavio VERI FIXE [81cat] Invalid groovy compiler configuration added to pom.xml when first Groovy file added to project. 2016-03-16
254464 groovy Grails bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Grails 3 Project structure. 2016-02-11
254629 groovy Grails bruno.flavio VERI FIXE When a grails 3 project is run, the IDE should launch a browser window to the correct location. 2015-10-12
255967 groovy Grails bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Grails project debug is not working 2016-02-11
256159 groovy Grails bruno.flavio VERI FIXE Grails Platform version detection not working for Grails 3. 2016-02-14
256367 groovy Code bruno.flavio STAR --- [81cat] Groovy/Maven: must build after every source modification 2016-02-10
257691 groovy Editor bruno.flavio NEW --- Groovy DefaultImportsProvider should not use the default lookup. 2016-07-18
257835 groovy Grails bruno.flavio NEW --- Cannot create taglib 2016-02-03
257938 groovy Editor bruno.flavio NEW --- Grails dynamic method auto complete does not work for related entities 2016-08-07
257939 groovy Grails bruno.flavio NEW --- Netbeans does not perform syntactical/syntaxical check for grails controllers. 2016-02-11
257940 groovy Grails bruno.flavio NEW --- Netbeans cannot jump to definition for files in grails core and grails plugins 2016-08-07
25 bugs found.
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