Wed Nov 25 2015 20:59:40 UTC
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  • Product: debugger

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
256687 debugger Java mentlicher RESO FIXE Hex byte 0x89 = octal 0111 Sat 03:05
256653 debugger Code mentlicher RESO FIXE "What" instead of "want" Grammar problem Sat 03:05
256640 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Fri 08:36
256598 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Arrays do not show in javascript debugger on hover. Fri 18:51
256544 debugger Code mentlicher RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.debugger.ui.views.debugging.DebuggingViewComponent$ 2015-11-19
256478 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- com.sun.jdi.InvalidStackFrameException: Thread has been resumed 2015-11-10
256417 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- IllegalArgumentException: frame method different than variable's method 2015-11-09
256328 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- StepOver action is not performing properly 2015-11-03
256280 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- conditional breakpoint broken with method breakpoint on parameter condition when compiled without debugger info - even though debugger knows parameter value 2015-11-01
256237 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- typo in error message when unable to attach debugger to running local java application 2015-10-28
256217 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 488 2015-10-28
256192 debugger Ant mentlicher RESO FIXE IllegalStateException: Unable to find the target from Event;targ=jvm-args;consumed;scrLoc=/home/nigel/src/ST/com/aspc/Install/Common/support/bin/core.xml, target name = jvm-args, script location = /ho 2015-10-31
256191 debugger Java mentlicher RESO DUPL OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2015-10-27
256188 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Debug file launches on tomcat while run file executes main method correctly 2015-10-26
256162 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Debugger out of sync with wrong executable in test hierarchy 2015-10-26
256161 debugger Code mentlicher REOP --- Debug drop-down carries duplicates and shows deleted project 2015-11-04
255974 debugger Java mentlicher RESO FIXE Do not step into boxing/unboxing methods when called from skipped code 2015-11-18
255944 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Breakpoints are removed just after the SVN commit 2015-10-15
255918 debugger Java mentlicher RESO FIXE Smart stepping enhancement 2015-10-23
255857 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Provide the ability to move the program counter while debugging 2015-10-12
255854 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- NumberFormatException: For input string: "WatchType" 2015-10-12
255727 debugger Java mentlicher RESO DUPL ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 15 2015-10-06
255547 debugger Java mentlicher RESO FIXE com.sun.jdi.ObjectCollectedException at 2015-09-26
255515 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Cannot take GUI snapshot of debugged application 2015-09-25
255431 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Step into doesn't work 2015-09-21
25 bugs found.
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