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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
120989 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Move the options from Advanced Options to the Miscellaneous panel 2007-11-02
84230 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- [terminal] Default terminal executable for KDE should be konsole 2006-10-27
185276 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Error open local terminal on Windows 7 2010-04-29
185277 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Give an open terminal action on project context menu. 2010-04-29
185278 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Add an additional "Secure Shell(SSH)" action in the Windows/Output menu directly. 2010-04-29
197973 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Remote (SSH) terminal does not work 2011-04-21
209395 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.accelerators.terminal.RunTerminalAction.runTerminal 2012-08-14
238464 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Remote terminal error: "Local terminal is not supported on this system" 2013-11-16
246890 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Odd Behaviour in NetBeans Terminal 2014-09-05
247551 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- On Mac OS X, terminal working directory defaults to / 2014-09-29
198283 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Start terminal with current project's root dir as working directory 2014-01-21
122983 contrib RemoteFS bowkomor NEW --- create documentation 2007-11-28
125118 contrib RemoteFS bowkomor NEW --- problems retrieving files with spaces in name 2008-01-11
153374 contrib Portalpa chetansanth NEW --- Spring Portlet: Add edit view modes in spring form controller 2009-03-17
153616 contrib Portalpa chetansanth NEW --- Service Builder: No validation for entity creation 2009-03-17
156457 contrib Portalpa chetansanth NEW --- Service Builder | Validate such that entity should have atleast one Primay key column 2009-03-17
159280 contrib Portalpa chetansanth NEW --- Local part of the Qname cannot contaiin spaces 2009-03-17
160426 contrib Portalpa chetansanth NEW --- Compile time error while using PortalUtil api's inside a hook 2009-03-17
127187 contrib Portalpa chetansanth NEW --- Portlet library isn't added to the project after creating JSF Portlet 2009-03-17
84229 contrib Terminal davidvc NEW --- [terminal] IOException when the terminal executable not found 2008-11-14
133899 contrib Erlang dcaoyuan NEW --- Cannot run program "erl": CreateProcess error=2, ????????? 2012-02-29
180441 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- Run File NOT Working 2012-05-14
199535 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- NullPointerException: The p parameter cannot be null 2011-11-01
201906 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- object scala not found. 2013-03-05
224933 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError: object scala.runtime in compiler mirror not found. 2014-12-29
25 bugs found.
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