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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
223747 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Add a SelectAll action to Term/Terminal 2012-12-13
238297 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- Inform user about some IDE shortcuts (F7, F8, ...) not being consumed in terminal by default 2013-11-13
255424 cnd Project issues NEW --- "Add Existing Item..." default folder reference is wrong after rename or copy of project 2015-09-19
193633 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- FreeBSD Remote Debugging: Setting of breakpoint has no effect 2016-07-06
118361 cnd Project issues REOP --- It is impossibe to distinguish in Find In Projects Results if file is included in the Build/Code Assitance 2014-04-14
135321 cnd Code Mod issues NEW --- support #pragma weak 2013-05-07
88171 cnd Editor issues NEW --- Highlight initial spaces in action lines in red 2010-11-12
223510 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- Unable to clear output window (sometimes) 2014-11-24
234540 cnd Project issues NEW --- NetBeans crashes on invalid xml in configurations.xml for c++ projects 2013-08-17
186648 cnd Project issues NEW --- netbeans can corrupt project files (nbproject/*) 2014-04-14
151700 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Disassembly reopen looses file position 2016-07-06
176062 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Members of unnamed union are not shown 2016-07-06
131034 cnd -- Other issues NEW --- mangled function names in disassambly view 2014-04-14
151774 cnd Code Mod issues REOP --- Unresolved function parameters declared in braces 2013-05-07
202768 cnd Code Mod issues NEW --- No code navigation from extern function declaration 2014-11-21
245619 cnd -- Other issues NEW --- IDE stuck at "Initializing Tool Collections" 2014-11-25
108953 cnd ASM issues NEW --- Highlight jump targets 2014-04-14
262705 cnd Code Com issues NEW --- Code completion popup don't show type of auto variable 2016-07-06
76199 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- code folding should not create fold for outmost guard #ifndef/#define/#endif 2010-04-25
246486 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- an option to change output window to system console screen and vice versa 2015-02-24
208267 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- Terminal window always has focus when IDE starts 2014-11-27
137578 cnd Code Mod vv159170 NEW --- preprocessor expression evaluator needs to be compiler oriented 2015-08-17
171420 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Can not remove a remote host if it's used in one of the projects 2009-09-04
39464 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Scrollbar doubled after maximize of OW 2008-10-22
257660 cnd Remote issues NEW --- cnd.remote is required and invoked even in local dev 2016-01-28
25 bugs found.
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