Welcome To the NetBeans Project!

1. What is the NetBeans Project?

The NetBeans IDE is an open-source Integrated Development Environment, a software tool that you can download and use for free to develop applications. More....

The NetBeans Platform is an extensible framework which you can use to build professional OS-independent desktop applications. More....

Finally, NetBeans.org is a thriving open-source community with hundreds of thousands of experienced developers located all around the world. More....

NetBeans Editor
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2. How Do I Get Started?

Download the NetBeans IDE. It has everything you need develop world-class applications. NetBeans software is a 100% Java-based IDE and platform, so it works on every OS where the JDK is available. NetBeans supports a wide range of Java technologies, but is not limited to Java - other languages are supported as well. The NetBeans tools have so much functionality, you can choose which download is best for you. Learn more about supported technologies and features on the features page. You can add more functionality with plug-in modules (in the IDE, choose Tools > Plugins).

3. Where Can I Get Involved?

There is a thriving worldwide community of NetBeans users out there, ranging from new users to gurus. Join them to discuss tips and tricks, NetBeans features, problem solving and much more. Sign up now!

4. How Do I Learn More?

There is a wealth of knowledge here on netbeans.org to get your teeth into, with new content being posted weekly. Tutorials, articles, guides, demos and screencasts-- it is all here.

Welcome! We hope your visit is pleasant.