What is UI Gestures Collector?

This is the entry page to the world of statistics. The UI Gestures Collector is a portal that allows you to find new tips on how to use NetBeans, discover what developers using the same technologies do the most, and also submit feedback to the NetBeans development team.

The basic idea is that you tell the server what you do, and the server, based on received data can generate metrics, statistics, or provide an advice targeted directly to you on how to use the NetBeans IDE in a better way.

You can now submit data about the UI actions you have just done in the IDE until now, and if you do so, the server records them and gives you some statistics. We can provide info about average use of mouse vs. keyboard, code completion, frequency of most used actions, etc.

Please do not wait! Submit your data to help us make NetBeans better. You are welcomed to see and inspect the data before the transfer by clicking View Data button. If you like the system, you can also turn on an automatic mode when the data will be transfered to the server everytime the local buffer is full.

Thank you for helping us make NetBeans better!