[fix] [news] NetBeans IDE 7.2 soon in stabilization phase

  • From: Jiří Kovalský < >
  • To: NetFIX team < >
  • Subject: [fix] [news] NetBeans IDE 7.2 soon in stabilization phase
  • Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 15:45:14 +0100

Hello NetFIX team,

as you might know NetBeans IDE 7.2 will soon enter stabilization mode and so we would like to ask you for help.

As usually, we start with big disproportion [1] in number of new vs. resolved bugs :| so any help with bug fixing would be much appreciated. The important question now is how many of you have some time from next week till the end of May for some patching? Is there anyone here with some knowledge of NetBeans internals?

[1] http://quality2.netbeans.org/metrics/nb72/index.html

BTW, there is a dashboard [2] giving a statistical overview of resolved bugs including performance of individual development teams. If you help fix a bug, your name will be shown in the left table and Community team scores one more point! :)

[2] http://quality2.netbeans.org/stats/nb72/index.html

If you can allocate some cycles in the next ~2 months, let us know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support!

Best regards,
Jiří Kovalský
NetBeans Community Manager

[fix] [news] NetBeans IDE 7.2 soon in stabilization phase

Jiří Kovalský 03/21/2012

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