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Please don't forget


that has been reported against 7.4 but some users have confirmed that it also happens in 7.3.1.
I think the extreme slowdown issue is a "no-go" for 7.3.1 yet.

IT: I've have 60 bugs reported against DEV builds and still open since 7.3 FCS, and most of them affects 7.3.1. Only few are 7.4 related.


Edson Rchter

Em 30/04/2013 11:20, Jiří Kovalský escreveu:
Hello team,

first of all thanks to all who gave the 7.3.1 build #201304162201 a test drive, generated some activity in Bugzilla and edited the 7.3.1 Go/NoGo Wiki page [1]! Your early feedback gave us enough time to evaluate all bug reports and fix the most critical ones before the Code Freeze later next week.

[1] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetBeans_731_GoNoGo

In total 25 volunteers participated in this testing exercise which is a fantastic response! I went through all findings and so far it looks like you have identified the following severe issues:

* Medea Gugushvili considers project scanning so slow that she does not recommend 7.3.1 release - I have asked her to provide the issue number to start more detailed investigation. Lehel Sipos also encountered some regression in performance.

* Mario Schroeder complained about a freeze (#229044) when refactoring his code but it turned out to be a problem of the Gradle plugin.

* Sven Reimers reported P1 issue (#229191) against Platform resulting in impossibility to start the IDE on JDK 8 but this is again not a 7.3.1 specific problem.

* Edson Richter cannot open web projects (#229178) but since he likes living on a cutting edge this is a 7.4 bug, not 7.3.1 issue too.

* Benno Markiewicz's #228729 about not displayed sub-hints on the secondary monitor was fixed and accepted as 7.3 Patch 2 candidate.

* Michael Müller had to manually register both GlassFish 4 and domain after installation since automatic recognition failed.

* Jonathan Lermitage noticed that GlassFish login credentials are not imported from 7.3 to 7.3.1 (#228975). Still to be investigated.

Since beginning of the 7.3.1 test you reported 71 bugs (13 were high priority issues) and the most productive testers were Mark Wilmoth (13 bugs), Hermien Pellissier (8 bugs) and Benno Markiewicz with Edson Richter (both 7 bugs). The following areas were tested (in no particular order):

Installation, C/C++, PHP, Profiler, Java, FX, Web, Maven, JUnit, Groovy, Scala, Spring, API Support, Subversion, Tomcat, iReport, Codename One, GWT4NB, Swing, GlassFish 4, DB, CVS, Debugger, tutorials, GUI Builder, Editor, JSF 2.0/2.2, Git, WS, JPA and HTML 5

We would like to express our big gratitude to all involved NetCAT participants for your tremendous help! And right away we would like to remind everyone that final certification of 7.3.1 FCS is currently scheduled for May 17th - 21st so please mark your Google calendars! ;)

Thanks again,

[73cat] Re: [news] 7.3.1 testing status update

Edson Richter 05/01/2013

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[73cat] Re: [news] 7.3.1 testing status update

Jiří Kovalský 05/01/2013

[73cat] Re: [news] 7.3.1 testing status update

Edson Richter 05/01/2013

[73cat] Re: [news] 7.3.1 testing status update

Jiří Kovalský 05/01/2013

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