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I guess rankings are going to be computed and published soon, right?


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From: Jiří Kovalský [mailto: ]
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 5:10 PM
To: NetCAT team
Subject: [73cat] [news] Status Report #18


Hello NetCAT team,

I hope you will find this last status report informative.

1. Overall summary

   Can you believe it's already 5 months since NetCAT 7.3 started?  =-O Yes, after NetCAT 7.0 this will be the 2nd longest NetCAT program in the history. In spite of that there are still enough people who want to make sure that 7.3 version is well tested till its final release. The average activity of the previous two weeks was ~156 BETs which was generated by 25 bug reporters, 26 e-mailer writers and 1 tutorial reviewer. Although such decrease in activity was expected, this NetCAT program has been clearly more productive in terms of bugs income than what we are used to which is confirmed by the attached charts. Great job folks! Release Candidate 2 is out and FCS build is being certified full steam. Community Acceptance survey has been closed and results published. Satisfaction survey about NetCAT program itself has launched. There were discussions about not working Save action, some problems with API Support functionality or missing NetBeans item in KDE menu. More details are below.

2. Important stuff

  • First of all thanks to 40 NetCAT participants who provided feedback in the Community Acceptance survey. In total we have got 110 responses. The results were published yesterday [1] and we are proud to say that NetBeans community recommended to release 7.3 RC as FCS!  :-) Only few respondents suggested to fix a handful of bugs but none of these issues was pointed out by 10% of respondents or more.

[1] http://qa.netbeans.org/processes/cat/73/ca_results.html

  • We are glad that overall satisfaction with NetBeans IDE 7.3 quality is greater than with NetBeans IDE 7.2!  :-) On the other hand, it seems that people recognized our focus on performance in 7.2 more than what was done for 7.3. Another great highlight is that satisfaction with Java Editor increased by 11%. Quality of the brand new Client-Side Web Development features is satisfactory for 94%. Finally, usage and quality of JavaFX support remains similar if compared to 7.2 results.
  • As you should know, we are working on the final step which is certification of the FCS build [2]. The deadline is COB tonight so if you can help, please do the sanity testing as soon as possible. And don't forget to update the Go/NoGo [3] Wiki page accordingly! Many thanks to 8 participants who already finished their testing. If things go fine, 7.3 can be released next week!

[2] http://netbeans.org/projects/www/lists/netcat/archive/2013-02/message/37
[3] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetBeans_73_GoNoGo

  • Thanks to Marcin Starnacki we have 116 reviewed tutorials! He did 4 more reviews which leaves him with astonishing 35 tutorials. Fantastic job Marcin! There are only few more remaining but these are hard nuts like 9-parts DB&PHP tutorial or introduction to ClearCase. ;-)
  • Since yesterday you should all have received personal invitation to the very last survey trying to gather your opinion on the NetCAT 7.3 program itself. I would really appreciate it if you could share with me few words about your satisfaction with being NetCAT participants. Also don't forget to recognize your colleagues who deserve it!  :-) If you didn't get URL to the survey, don't hesitate to ping me ASAP!
  • Medea Gugushvili asked if anybody else saw a not working Save All toolbar button. This would be a serious trouble however nobody confirmed this and Medea only noticed this in development builds, not the official 7.3 one. Phew! :-)
  • Thomas Kruse requested that inability to scroll fully in New File dialog (#225896) is fixed in 7.3. It's actually a JDK bug (#8003400) but we decided to distribute at least a workaround in 7.3.1.
  • Manikantan Narender Nath warned that his NetBeans IDE deadlocked when he tried to finish creation of New Window in a NetBeans Module (#225620). Fortunately, three other participants tried but didn't reproduce the problem and later even Mani himself too. Mani also pointed out that NetBeans Platform Quick Start Using Maven tutorial needed an update if its label should change to 7.3.
  • Glenn Holmer discovered that installation of 7.3 RC on his Kubuntu failed to register NetBeans launcher menu item. As it worked fine for 2 other participants, Glenn did some tweaks until he fixed the problem by renaming netbeans-7.3 RC1.desktop to use underscore.

3. Bug hunting

  • We were finally able to fix the performance issue filed by Alied Perez (#223776) causing the IDE to extremely slowdown when scanning his web project. We believe the complex fix in several areas should significantly improve usability now. Thanks for your cooperation Alied!
  • There is an intense communication between Edson Richter and NetBeans engineers about his two recent bug reports. First he found out that under some circumstances code completion stopped working in uncompilable Java files (#225925). Since this fix will need more time for testing we don't want to delay 7.3 and rather scheduled it for 7.3.1. The other problem concerns considerably slow IDE occupying 70% CPU (#226000) which could indicate a hidden memory leak. In order to confirm this and find the root cause a heap dump is required.
  • Edson was very helpful indeed. His dedication also helped to fix another showstopper in _javascript_ Editor (#225865) unpleasantly slowing users down upon each keystroke. Edson rules! :-)
  • Mark Wilmoth found two true stoppers too. Firstly he was one of testers who couldn't delete some text in Java Editor (#225690) and secondly he noticed that preview of folded code is too narrow (#225711). Both bugs were fixed in 7.3 FCS candidate.
  • Javier Ortiz tried to Team > Subversion > Export Diff Patch... (#225494) but it didn't work due to externally deleted destination folder. This has only been fixed in trunk.
  • Michael Nascimento has been experimenting with JDK 8 and discovered that Java Editor sometimes incorrectly marks valid statements as errors (#225887). This is not a 7.3 specific issue at all but is fixed already. Michael also filed a deadlock on JDK 8 when using Go to Type navigation (#225899) which needs more investigation.
  • Anton V. Kirilchik was the best bug reporter of the final two weeks with his 11 reported bugs.
  • 13 high priority bugs were filed and 8 of them were fixed - mainly in trunk though.

4. Statistics

Bugs submitted:


(+36, +33)

Open bugs:





(+47, +37)

Best regards,

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[73cat] [news] Status Report #18

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[73cat] Re: [news] Status Report #18

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[73cat] Re: [news] Status Report #18

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[73cat] Re: [news] Status Report #18

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