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What is "project type"? "Web Project", "Maven project"? That's how it is presented right now. But can't a Web Project be a Maven project also?

Or does project type depend on the build tool? Then we need to choose between "Maven project" and "Ant project".

Or is project type "Web App", "Swing App", "JavaFX App" (this is my understanding)? Then we have to choose the build tool after choosing this project type.

Herzliche Grüße - Best Regards,
Michael Müller

Am 02.01.2013 23:14, schrieb Javier Ortiz:
I understand your point but is easier to manage each project type independent 
of each other. Is leaner and cleaner. Also it would be a burden for community 
provided plug-ins.

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Hi all,

When I want to add a new project, I first choose choose a category, e.g.
Java Web and the the concrete project, e.g Web Application. Then the project 
skeleton is created by NetBeans, allways using Ant.

If I want to use Maven, I first have to select the build tool, Maven, and 
then the project type, e.g. Web Application.

Why are there these different (=inconsistent) ways to create a project?
Wouldn't it be better to choose category and project type? And then, when the 
wizzard starts, it queries which build tool to use?

What do you thing about this?

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