[73cat] [editor] probable bug : no reorganize hint when needed

  • From: Jonathan Lermitage < >
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  • Subject: [73cat] [editor] probable bug : no reorganize hint when needed
  • Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 00:10:58 +0100

Hello testers,

I have a probable bug in the latest dev builds (201211200002 and some previous builds) : 
- check the sample project available from the TS 73 Formatting page : http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/images/3/32/TS_73_Formatting.zip
- according to the 1.9.4 test case : open the imports.Count class and arrange imports so they do not obey formatting setting
- the "Organize imports" should appear, but it doesn't

Could anyone confirm this bug before I fill a bugzilla entry ?

Product Version: NetBeans IDE 7.2.1 (Build 201210100934)

Java: 1.7.0_09; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 23.5-b02

System: Windows 7 version 6.1 running on x86; Cp1252; en_US (nb)

Verified on stable JDK7 and JDK6 too. Clean installation and profile. No bug on NetBeans 7.1.2.

Thx a lot.

[73cat] [editor] probable bug : no reorganize hint when needed

Jonathan Lermitage 11/24/2012

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