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  • Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 17:38:25 +0100

Issue #222614 - Palette Manager

2012/11/22 Michel Graciano < " target="_blank"> >
Well, is is definitively broken, you should file a issue about that. I have tested that and my result was:
1. Opened the UI
2. Selected Add from JAR and the right dialog was opened and closed (using ESC);
3. Selected Add from Library and the was opened and I closed it (ESC);
4. After step 3, no matter what option I chose, just the Libraries UI is opened, even if I close the 'Palette Manager' UI;

Lehel, if you need any help, just let me know and please, let me know the issue number.


On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 11:21 AM, Lehel Sipos < " target="_blank"> > wrote:



I observed a disfunctionality using the “Palette Manager” from Netbeans “Tools-Palette-Swing/Awt Components" menu.

The Palette Manager offers 3 possibilities, adding a new component to the palette. These are: “Add from JAR”, “Add from Library”, “Add from Project”.

Their name are different but, in this version of Netbeans, these buttons/functions, clicking on them, offers the same window, no matter on which I was clicking.


-Win Xp

-NetBeans Dev 201211200002

-java: jdk-7u10-ea-bin-b16-windows-i586-14_nov_2012




Michel Graciano
Summa Technologies do Brasil Ltda.

[73cat] - Palette Manager

Lehel Sipos 11/22/2012

[73cat] Re: - Palette Manager

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[73cat] Re: - Palette Manager

Mark Wilmoth 11/22/2012

[73cat] Re: - Palette Manager

Lehel Sipos 11/22/2012

[73cat] Re: - Palette Manager

Michel Graciano 11/22/2012

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