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Hi Angelo,
comments are inlined.

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I have been too busy with my work, sorry.
Has automatic filing of OOMEs been improved in the latest builds? Because the window never pops up for me. I have switched to 7.2.1 for a few days.
Can you recommend a good 7.3 build, please?
Exceptions don't pop up in the IDE in final builds (like 7.2 fcs or 7.2.1) that's why you are unable to report the OOME in this easy way - if you want to enable the popping of exceptions, it is enough to ad -ea (enable assertions) to the "command line parameters" section of $netbeans_install_dir/etc/netbeans.conf.


Petr C.

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Il giorno 23/ott/2012, alle ore 22:49, Jiří Kovalský < "> > ha scritto:

Hello NetCAT team,

can you believe another week is gone? Time flies and it's time for NetCAT update again!

1. Overall summary

   Testing of NetBeans IDE 7.2.1 and its bundles with latest JDK 6/7 was completed and this update release has been published yesterday. In trunk the development team is trying to keep the bug fixing vs. bug income ratio in positive numbers, which has been successful for already 3 weeks in a row now! Average total income of bugs is ~48.4 new defects daily since September 3rd. NetCAT contribution in the past week was ~10.4 new bugs daily by 28 participants which was exactly 1/3 of issues from the NetBeans community. Unlike the steady bug flow, the activity on the mailing list dropped to almost 1/2 when 24 participants exchanged ~10 e-mails every day. Review of tutorials progressed hugely. New NetBeans bug dashboard was published, new Editor tribe was created and NetCAT caught another stopper in code completion. Finally, the NetBeans Governance Board election kicked off. For more details on the most important topics please read below.

2. Important stuff
  • 13 NetCAT participants and 11 NetBeans QE engineers participated in testing of the first 7.2 update release. Since no blocker was found we released the update yesterday. Our acknowledgement to the 13 volunteers for all the install-extend-upgrade-functionality-uninstall tests! We will surely recognize it at the end of the program.
  • It's astonishing how review of tutorials became popular. I was hoping for 70 reviewed tutorials by the 7.3 ETA and after only two weeks the goal is achieved already by ~69%!  =-O FYI, out of 48 processed docs 7 were not recommended as compliant with 7.3. I would like to especially emphasize Yonathan Weldegebriel's and Marco Molteni's work who both reviewed 10 tutorials, Marcin Starnacki with 8 documents and Manikantan Narender Nath who did 7. NetBeans writers very appreciate your valuable feedback folks!
  • Have you seen the new and shiny bug dashboard [1] already? We are happy to read the uniform satisfaction with this web application. To name some new features: live data, team/user specific pages, source lines statistics, adjustable comparison charts and much more. ;-)
[1] http://quality2.netbeans.org/dashboard
  • A new Groovy test specification [2] was written by José Galaviz. He is even going to perfect it by adding test cases for Web and EJB project types and adding test suites for Groovy Refactoring and Unit Testing. Fantastic contribution José!
[2] http://wiki.netbeans.org/TS_73_GroovyGrails_Sanity
  • Only two  :-\ other tribes (API Support, Maven) found some time to update their test specifications although many discrepancies were discovered [3] few weeks back. Is anyone from Debugger, CVS or other tribes willing to still work on this task?
[3] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuPX2mb42uvwdEpLNXpkajJETkxTdTBuUW1BYVdGX1E&pli=1#gid=0
  • We realized that late is better than never and so we asked six suitable and still "tribe free"  :-) participants whether they would cooperate on more focused testing of NetBeans Java Editor and three guys granted our request. Review of not yet covered Java hints will be the very first assignment for this new Editor tribe [4].
[4] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetCATTribes#Editor
  • According to Javier Ortiz, Compile on Save feature does not work as expected in web projects, because it does not automatically compile test classes. Is it really the case Javier or you just didn't have For both application and test execution option set?
  • If you have also seen a weird automatic scrolling of content after you drag & drop something, don't panic. It's a JDK specific bug (#7171812) which should be fixed in the latest build of JDK 7 Update 10.
  • Michael Nascimento suggested to have a keybinding for Camel Case navigation (Ctrl + Arrow Left/Right) even if it's disabled in Options. If you second this requirement, vote for #220610.
  • If you are not aware of it, the NetBeans community is looking for its best representative [5] in the NetBeans Governance Board. Every vote counts so please get familiar with the 3 candidates and choose the best one.
[5] http://www.netbeans.org/community/articles/nbelections.html
3. Bug hunting
  • The discussion about java.lang.OutOfMemoryErrors continued and we are happy to announce that Stefan Wilfling's report (#219155) against Java Compiler has been fixed today! Please keep these OOMEs coming and if IDE suggests to file it, don't hesitate to do it. Angelo Quaglia, what's your OOME bug ID?
  • Alied Peréz was the first person who noticed the showstopper in code completion (#220326) ignoring selected constructor name. If we break something serious, 2-5 NetCAT participants immediately notify us. Simply wonderful! :-)
  • Martin Skurla reported another issue with code completion (#220110) throwing java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException from JavaEE Persistence module which was later confirmed by Javier. It should be fixed now. Thanks guys!
  • Yonathan Weldegebriel faced problems when starting his development build on Mac OS X (#220456) due to several exceptions. The issue has not gone through evaluation yet but is this still reproducible Yonathan in the recent build #201210231040?
  • Best bug reporter of the previous week was Michael Nascimento who reported 8 bugs.
  • 7 high priority bugs were filed last week and 3 of them were fixed. An interesting highlight is that total number of opened NetCAT 7.3 bugs decreased for the first time! =-O
  • If you are requested to provide your several gigs heap dump which is too big to attach to a Bugzilla issue please use our Project upload job at the Hudson builder [6]. Don't forget to mention the issue number though! A nice workaround, isn't it? ;-)
[6] http://deadlock.netbeans.org/hudson/job/upload/build
4. Statistics

Bugs submitted:
Open bugs:

Best regards,

[73cat] [news] Status Report #5

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[73cat] Re: [news] Status Report #5

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