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  • Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 02:16:45 +0530


I have completed the JUnit/TestNG testing on the beta version. Everything worked fine for me.

Just few comments/observations - 

1. In "Navigation - test method" when clicked on "testAdd (passed)" node under "teststorun.CalculatorTest", the CalculatorTest file is opened, but the @Test line is focused, instead of the testAdd function.

Regarding the test spec, while performing the testing for JUnit, under Test suite: Running and Debugging, 5th step "Run test suite", sub-point 2, "add code "suite.addTest(CalculatorTest.suite());" as part of "suite()" method" marked in red is incomplete. The step of creating CalculatorTest.suite() method is missing.

Pranav Raulkar

[73cat] [JUnit/TestNG]

Pranav Raulkar 09/28/2012

[73cat] Re: [JUnit/TestNG]

Benno Markiewicz 09/28/2012

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