[73cat] [news] Status Report #1

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  • Subject: [73cat] [news] Status Report #1
  • Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 23:38:10 +0200

Hello NetCAT team,

   this is my first status report that I will compile on a weekly basis to summarize our achievements from the previous week, recognize best contributors and outline what will happen during the days to come. I hope you will find this interesting.

1. Overall summary

   "Population" of NetCAT 7.3 program is strong again as total number of registered participants is to date 99 members. Thanks to all who joined us for the next 3.5 months! Average traffic during the first two weeks was ~14.6 and ~22 e-mails and ~7.6 and ~12.4 bugs per day. 14 tribes were formed which is another new record!  :-) Fast check of 7.3 quality before JavaOne 2012 conference is progressing. A plenty of feedback was already provided for example on Refactoring, _javascript_, Maven or many other areas. There were some problems with the netbeans.org site, startup problems or even first deadlocks were reported. Let's take a look at the most important feedback in more detail.

2. Important stuff
  • We are very glad to see that so many volunteers signed up for already 15th round of NetCAT program. Hundred testers is way more than a critical mass.  :-) So, thank you and please keep your activity till the very end in January 2013! :-)
  • If you are subscribed on this list but not registered in the NetCAT 7.3 Participants [1] Wiki, please add your entry as soon as possible. Otherwise you are not entitled for the special privileges in Wiki, Exception Reporter, Dashboard and others.
[1] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetCATParticipants
  • As I already mentioned we have 14 tribes [2] this time covering API Support, Debugger, GUI Builder, Java EE, PHP, Groovy, Unit Testing, Profiler, CVS, DB, Maven, C/C++ and newly also Web Client areas. Plus Free Riders of course.  :-) Tribes are essential to normalized and sanity testing of certified builds typically in areas not enough or at all covered by NetBeans QE team.
[2] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetCATTribes
  • If you have some time this week, please join the 7.3 Beta readiness fast check [3] which was initiated yesterday. Please use the latest JDK 7 Update 7 for the testing. It would be nice if you make it and send your findings (ideally as bugs) by this Friday 9/28 COB last timezone.
[3] http://netbeans.org/projects/www/lists/netcat/archive/2012-09/message/276
  • Holger Stenzhorn was the first person who hit the freeze on Macintosh OS if IDE was run on JDK 7 Update 7 (#218284). Unfortunately, this is a JDK bug (#7160609) so the only workaround is to launch IDE on JDK 7 Update 10 where it's fixed.
  • Saptarshi Purkayastha and Javier Ortiz had problems with installation of plugins. Saptarshi updated his IDE which then refused to start (#219008) and some other people confirm this. So far it looks like a Windows specific issue. Javier wanted to import not only settings into his user directory but plugins too. That is not configurable via GUI though, only -J-Dplugin.manager.install.global=false switch helps.
  • Manikantan Narender Nath suggested that dialog requesting user's decision about resolving missing class imports when pasting code to editor should be configurable at the minimum. Two other NetCAT participants seconded Mani's idea. Have you filed this already?
  • Andrei Gavriloaie sent his observations on C/C++ integration ranging from not working navigation through corrupted code completion to poor formatting features. Anton Kirilchik confirmed these investigations. It would be nice if you file all these issues and Cc: your tribe leader who can then escalate it  ;-) if serious and reproducible defects are closed without any resolution.
3. Bug hunting
  • Thanks to Scott Palmer we learned that the first attempt to publish NetBeans 7.2 Patch 1 failed :-( The update caused not satisfied dependencies on deprecated.pre65formatting module and corrupted the whole 7.2 installation (#218373). Only Scott's timely report helped avoid affecting thousands of NetBeans IDE 7.2 users who could end up in the same failure. We have implemented a new testing process not to repeat the same mistake again. Really good catch Scott, thank you!
  • Michael Mueller found out that debugging session of a web application was not terminated correctly (#218606). This bug was accepted as 7.3 Beta showstopper and it was fixed quickly.
  • One of the bugs Michael Nascimento discovered was the very visible broken clipboard showstopper (#218460). The P1 issue with 7 other duplicates was fixed next day.
  • David Heffelfinger notified us about regression in GlassFish integration which started to request login credentials even with default domain (#218229). This very annoying issue was fully addressed recently.
  • Hermien Pellissier tried to create and run a new NetBeans Platform based application however it failed (#218499) due to missing autoupdate.cli module. This serious defect has not only been fixed but verified by Hermien too.
  • Best bug reporters of the previous two weeks were Michael Nascimento who reported 10 bugs in the first week and Markiewicz Benno who reported 17 bugs  =-O last week.
4. Statistics
Bugs submitted:    161 (+53, +87)
Open bugs:            131 (0/4/116/11)
E-mails:                  256 (+102, +154)
Best regards,

[73cat] [news] Status Report #1

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