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JUnit has an old-school license which could be problem when you need to bundle your software with JUnit binaries. That's almost never the problem as you need Unit testing libraries just part of the compilation process. But that is a problem of NetBeans (and any other IDE) and that's why they have changed it.

More on http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/junit/message/23142.

//Martin Skurla

2012/6/30 Michael Müller < " target="_blank"> >
JUnit, never ending story?

- Update IDE with open projects: NB alertes reference problems and solves it by JUnit download after clicking onto resolve and acceptinjg the license
- Update IDE with no open projects: NB will download and install JUnit in backgroud with no explicit agreement for the license (right, did agree on install of NB)

One drawback of this policy: If you use NB in an offline Network, you have to transfer NB bundle plus a separate JUnit into this secure network. In former versions, when JUnit was bundled, this had been simpler.


Herzliche Grüße - Best Regards,
Michael Müller

[72cat] JUnit

Michael Müller 06/30/2012

[72cat] Re: JUnit

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[72cat] Re: JUnit

Michael Müller 06/30/2012

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