[72cat] [news] Final 7.2 certification started

  • From: Jiří Kovalský < >
  • To: NetCAT team < >
  • Subject: [72cat] [news] Final 7.2 certification started
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:35:01 +0200

Hello NetCAT participants,

I am glad to announce that we have published hopefully the final bits :) of the NetBeans IDE 7.2 [1] and as I said earlier we need your help for the very last time in this release. The goal is to make sure that after all the showstopper fixes were integrated, none of them introduced a new regression. We call it final certification.

[1] http://bits.netbeans.org/netbeans/7.2/98ndjkapjaqa/fcs

So, if you belong to some tribe, please download the installer for your platform, install it and test the feature you are responsible for according to its sanity test specification. Write down all possible problems, check them for existing duplicates in Bugzilla and file the new ones as soon as possible. Once you are done, change your "X" status to "Go" verdict in the NetCAT Tribes Wiki [2]. Keep in mind that "NoGo" verdict can be issued only if you file a new and valid P1 bug.

[2] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetCATTribes

And finally the most important information. This task must be completed by Tuesday - July 10th, COB last timezone. We rely on you.

Thank you and happy testing everyone!

P.S. Again, please don't share this URL with anyone outside of NetCAT, because the bits are not certified yet. ;)

[72cat] [news] Final 7.2 certification started

Jiří Kovalský 06/30/2012

[72cat] Serious performance problem Re: Final 7.2 certification started

Thomas Kruse 06/30/2012

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