[72cat] [news] NetCAT Status Report - 6.

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  • Subject: [72cat] [news] NetCAT Status Report - 6.
  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 15:19:03 +0200

Hello NetCAT team,

after a week I am here with another status report.

1. Overall summary

   A lot of NetCAT participants are helping with full testing of development builds to reach best possible coverage by Code Freeze (6/14). This involves coordination within individual tribes which obviously takes place off this list so it's not surprising that activity in the list dropped to only ~5.6 sent e-mails per day. Contrarily the income of bugs went up to ~5.6 newly submitted defects per day. In spite of that NetBeans developers sustained their good bug fix rate so total number of open NetCAT bugs decreased again. Review of documentation progressed again nicely so we added a handful of tutorials focused on C/C++ development. So far it seems that 7.2 Beta was well received by the NetBeans community. Would you agree? Feedback covered some infrastructure issues, Maven, JUnit, Platform or GlassFish. Let's elaborate it now.

2. Important stuff
  • We are glad that community feedback on the 7.2 Beta has been vastly positive [1], [2]. If you also blogged about it and we don't aggregate your blog in the Planet NetBeans, let us know! However, what do you think will be the main weaknesses of 7.2 release?
[1] http://www.brucephillips.name/blog/index.cfm/2012/5/25
[2] http://www.javaworld.com/community/?q=node/8398
  • The 7.2 testing is in full swing. The following tribes participate in this effort: GUI Builder, CVS, C/C++, Debugger, PHP, API Support, JUnit, Java EE and Groovy. I would especially like to praise Dhawal Saiya, Mark Wilmoth, Hermien Pellissier, Deepak Chandrasekaran and Vincent Hardion for their attitude and dedication. If you also want to give a helping hand, let me know!
  • 11 more tutorials were reviewed by Yonathan Weldegebriel, Hermien Pellissier and Efrem McCrimon so we are now at 34 processed articles with 6 NoGos. Yonathan must really like it as ~2/3 were done by him alone.  =-O Thanks reviewers!
  • Timothy Sparg has 2 Maven projects and although both compile fine the main project shows error badges. Tim, please file this issue, attach screenshot and as Jesse Glick suggested install "NetBeans Project Metadata Inspector" plugin from the Update Center, invoke Inspect Project Metadata action on the main project and attach the output to the bug too. Thanks!
  • Holger Reppert was not able to profile his web application on GlassFish due to an error when initializing Virtual Machine. This is an already known space-in-path problem (#212011) happening on Windows.
  • Javier Ortiz claimed that his changes to Unit tests were ignored by NetBeans code completion and even Java runtime. If you can reproduce it with empty userdir, don't hesitate to report this bug Javier!
  • Peter Nabbefeld and Ulf Zibis warned us about a spam attack in bugs #176761 and #212719. The spammer polluted in total 30 issues. We have deactivated the account and removed the spam however if you see anything similar from somebody else please notify us. Thanks!
  • We would like to emphasize that updating development builds via Update Center is a not supported scenario. It can lead to strange bugs (e.g. #213017) that are closed as invalid in most cases. Please don't waste your and our time and always download new builds from the web [3].
[3] http://bits.netbeans.org/dev/nightly/latest
3. Bug hunting
  • If we look at distribution of NetCAT bugs by functionality areas [4] we find out that most buggy but also used feature is Platform with 34 open bugs at the moment, Java is second (29 bugs) and Editor is third with 20 defects. Also GUI Builder with 18 bugs is notable. Other features are good including Debugger which pleases me personally. ;-)
  • According to Mark Wilmoth it's not possible to copy and paste more than one AWT component between containers in the Navigator (#213123). This showstopper will surely be fixed for the FCS. Thanks for the steps to reproduce Mark!
  • Michel Graciano discovered a regression in XML Retriever (#212972) causing code completion in XSD schema to not work. This needs to be investigated but it's reproducible.
  • While Yannis Pastis Glaros wanted to peacefully continue developing his PHP application, NetBeans disturbed him with two exceptions (#212871 and #212867). Later the IDE froze completely (#212761) when he asked it to delete dozens of file from cache. What a shame Yannis does no longer have the heap dump.  :-( Can you at least verify the fixed exceptions Yannis?
  • Best bug reporter of the previous week was Michel Graciano who reported 5 bugs.
  • Bug dasboard says that NetBeans QE team (14) still keeps up with NetCAT team playing power play (115)  :-) in terms of bug submissions (830 vs. 829 since 2011-11-17) but NetCAT team beats NetBeans community in productivity (~7.3  vs. ~1.9 bugs per person) which is not any surprise.
  • If you are asked to share some big files with us such as memory heap dumps, please don't use http://megashare.com service, because we often face download problems due to our proxy settings. Instead, upload your file to http://dropbox.com. Also don't forget to Zip everything!
4. Statistics
Bugs submitted:    613 (+39)
Open bugs:           170 (4/9/119/38)
E-mails:                 968 (+39)
Best regards,

[72cat] [news] NetCAT Status Report - 6.

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