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This is something that we identified ourselves in the early design and found that it was a little more complicated to follow that focus.  We have not implemented this ability in the V1 release.  It is something that we have on the plate for looking at in the next release. 

Please follow Petr's advice to file a bug so we can track external interest from the community for this.


On 11/23/2012 1:57 AM, ipexsoft wrote:
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Hello Petr,

My main page opens a websocket and then provides a menu. The script
runs ', name)' when the user clicks a menu item.

The child needs to be able to use the window.opener's websocket.

Hope that's clear


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Netbeans Connector

ipexsoft 11/22/2012

Re: Netbeans Connector

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Netbeans Connector

ipexsoft 11/23/2012

Re: Netbeans Connector

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Re: Netbeans Connector

John 'JB' Brock 11/26/2012

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