[nbusers] Re: How to debug Javascript in Web (JSP) project using NB 7.3 RC1?

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  • Subject: [nbusers] Re: How to debug Javascript in Web (JSP) project using NB 7.3 RC1?
  • Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 08:47:21 +0100

Hi Edson,

as Rick writes, this is something we are working on for the next release. You can track progress here: http://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=222236. We think this will be available in the post-7.3 trunk builds sometime next week, or you can try out the patch attached to the issue now if you are willing to build NetBeans from sources.


On Jan 31, 2013, at 6:03 PM, Edson Richter wrote:

Yes, I'm using the Chrome Developer (F12), but sometimes the server side debug and client side debug seems a bit out of sync...
Probably because the _javascript_ code really runs out of sync (O:-) ).
alert() causes several side effects that I want to avoid (like loosing focus, interrupting the - only - browser thread, etc) but then we have the console... Just put everything in there, and cross the fingers...

Thanks for the follow up.



Em 31/01/2013 13:41, Rick Fincher escreveu:
It was available several version ago through Firebug, but it had problems and was dropped.  It is now only in HTML 5 but the NetBeans team is supposedly working on it for a future version release.   I believe it also only works with embedded Chrome.

I do it the old fashioned way with a lot of _javascript_ alert() dialogs in conditional "if debugging" statements.

That along with testing routines with FireBug's debugging capability gets the job done.


On 1/31/2013 8:33 AM, Edson Richter wrote:
Can anyone point each step necessary to debug a .JS file when using Web app (J2EE, JSP mainly)?

Or this is only available in new HTML5 projects?



[nbusers] Re: How to debug Javascript in Web (JSP) project using NB 7.3 RC1?

Petr Jiricka 02/01/2013

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