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On 12/01/2012 05:18 AM, Andreas Ernst wrote:

with Java 1.7.0_09 you can't use PDF printers, on an earlier version this happend too.

Tested on XP, Win7 and Mac - no go, with Adobe PDF Suite, PDFCreator, PDF24.

Open a bugreport?

I print my document with Graphics2D. I did not found any Java PDF API, that supports that. Or is there an API that support converting a Graphics2D object to their object/document?

It is the other way around. Graphics/2D is essentially a flat thing. Once you have painted to it you can't get the sub-components out. You need a library that builds PDFs. With it you will add this or that thing to the model. Once you have that you can generally render it as a Graphics object and use that on screen if needed for an image or printing yourself. Too, if you have a viewer, then you can use that to view things.

JasperReports puts out PDFs for instance. You could technically use it to do that and use the JasperViewer. Now, under the hood it uses Apache POI and iText (not Apache I think). You could grab a copy of the JasperReports projects sources and from there can determine what they specifically use and use that as an example.



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