[nbusers] Re: netbeans doesn't change ant version

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  • Subject: [nbusers] Re: netbeans doesn't change ant version
  • Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 09:11:52 -0500

Change your windows environment variable as well and restart NB.


On Nov 26, 2012 9:02 AM, "yasin motcu" < "> > wrote:
Hi All,

I simply wANT to change the ant version that netbeans uses. Netbeans uses ant version 1.8.0 by default, but i want to change it to 1.8.4, what i have done is tools->java->ant and then i choose the home directory of ant which i have downloaded before, netbeans successfully sees the new ant version but it doesn't produce buld-impl.xml with new ant version 1.8.4 but with older version 1.8.0. I use;

netbeans 7.2.1
jdk 1.7
windows 7

How can i change it ? is there something that i've missed?

[nbusers] netbeans doesn't change ant version

yasin motcu 11/25/2012

[nbusers] Re: netbeans doesn't change ant version

Marc Farrow 11/26/2012

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