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  • Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 19:32:28 -0400

I have never had a stack overflow mean anything but an infinite loop was being executed. Don't run that plugin and see if things are OK. Something's calling something that calls the first something. ... Somehow :)

On 10/31/2012 6:15 PM, Edson Richter wrote:
Based on your stack trace, occurs to me two things:

a) You have too many fonts installed in your computer;
b) You have a corrupted font installed in your computer.

Maybe you should make a backup of your fonts and then make only the relevant (default) ones available.



Em 31/10/2012 16:34, browser escreveu:
I am using Netbeans with codenameone plugin and have set up a codenameone project. All working fine yesterday.
Today  I startup my PC (Windows XP, 1GB) and Netbeans wont startup.
The splash screen shows and gets to "done loading modules" and then disappears and netbeans ide doesnt run, although there is a netbeans process still running.

Have tried different heap sizes, doubt that is the problem.

When I delete the netbeans applicationData folder the IDE runs but my project wont run properly.

So when I uninstall netbeans and reinstall everything it runs properly again and my project runs fine again.
This is the second time this has happened.

Any ideas on what the problem is ??
TIA patrick

The messages.log file shows a StackOverflowError:

org.eclipse.core.jobs [3.5.1 3.5.1.R36x_v20100824]
    org.eclipse.core.contenttype [3.4.100 3.4.100.v20100505-1235]
    org.apache.xmlrpc [3.0.0 3.0.0]
    org.apache.ws.commons.util [1.0.1 1.0.1]
    org.apache.commons.lang [2.4.0 2.4.0]
    org.apache.commons.codec [1.3.0 1.3.0]
    com.jcraft.jzlib [1.0.7 1.0.7]
    com.codename1/1 [1.0.23 23 121021]
INFO [org.netbeans.core.netigso.Netigso]: bundle org.eclipse.osgi@3.7.1.R37x_v20110808-1106 started
WARNING [org.openide.awt.Toolbar]: Error in AWT task
    at java.nio.Buffer.<init>(Buffer.java:176)
    at java.nio.ByteBuffer.<init>(ByteBuffer.java:259)
    at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.<init>(HeapByteBuffer.java:39)
    at java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocate(ByteBuffer.java:312)
    at sun.font.TrueTypeFont.getTableBuffer(TrueTypeFont.java:733)
    at sun.font.TrueTypeFont.getTableBuffer(TrueTypeFont.java:747)
    at sun.font.TrueTypeFont.getTableBuffer(TrueTypeFont.java:747)
    at sun.font.TrueTypeFont.getTableBuffer(TrueTypeFont.java:747)

[nbusers] netbeans IDE doesnt start

browser 10/31/2012

[nbusers] Re: netbeans IDE doesnt start

Edson Richter 10/31/2012

[nbusers] Re: netbeans IDE doesnt start

trhouse 10/31/2012

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