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  • Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:06:48 -0500

Oracle was really pushing JavaFX as the inevitable/eventual replacement for Swing, AWT, and Graphics2D (and SWT, for that matter, which I believe is really a library whose value to the community was kicking Sun in the teeth hard enough and long enough to get them to actually fix Swing -- and which therefore now has no reason for existence other than inertia).

Ok, fine.

I'll believe it's actually ready to start replacing Swing when:
  1. NetBeans provides dead easy support for writing new GUI components/modules in JavaFX *and* many new GUI components in core NetBeans start being written in JavaFX rather than Swing.
    • This would demonstrate good interoperability with Swing.
    • It would also demonstrate that using JavaFX rather than just continuing to use Swing is so compelling that one should do a partial switch for an existing application.  If it's not this compelling, anyone already using Swing will be inclined to just keep doing so unless/until they're doing some totally green-field work with zero possibility for code re-use.
  2. JavaFX is fully supported by other JVM vendors, e.g. HP and IBM.
    • JavaFX is currently bundled by Oracle in Java 7 Update 4.  Any other JVM vendor may or may not do this and may or may not address issues in their JavaFX port since JavaFX is not part of the Java spec/TCK.
Jess Holle

On 10/12/2012 12:49 PM, Mark Claassen wrote:
At JavaOne this year, Oracle was definitely pushing JavaFX.  It didn't seem like Swing was going away, but it did seem that Swing
was being relegated to the "Maintenance Only" shelf, and JavaFX was now were all the UI effort is going.  Since Oracle's family
includes JavaFX and Netbeans, I was curious about how much collaboration there was between the two teams?

We tried out Netbeans 7.3 with JavaFX this week and were decently happy with the integration and the things we could pull off with
JavaFX.  However, it did not seems that JavaFX is quite ready for production.  It looks really nice, but fell a bit short as we were
analyzing to see if a port of our product would be feasible.

I realize porting Netbeans to JavaFX is likely not in the game plan, but I would hope that the JavaFX people would look at Netbeans
often.  As they are developing components and frameworks, I would hope they would look at something like Netbeans as a goal for what
a framework has to be able to support.  (It is not intended to be a RCP like Netbeans, but it has to be able to support an RCP being
built on top of it.)

I do not doubt that the Oracle's first response to this will be to "Get Involved", and I plan to.  However, I also hope that Oracle
has an appropriate end goal in mind.  Otherwise, they will be spending all that effort into something that many people will not be
able to use.


[nbusers] Netbeans and JavaFX

Mark Claassen 10/12/2012

[nbusers] Re: Netbeans and JavaFX

Jess Holle 10/12/2012

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