[nbusers] Bug with Compile-On-Save with Maven?

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  • Subject: [nbusers] Bug with Compile-On-Save with Maven?
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 16:30:48 -0600

There seems to be a bug with the compile-on-save feature in NB 7.2 (may have existed in earlier versions).

I use Maven profiles to set system properties to determine the environment configuration files I need to load.  If I have the compile-on-save feature enabled, a new environment seems to be created that does not contain the same system properties nor classpath/ClassLoader set.  

This causes my System.getProperties() calls to return NULL.

This also causes ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream(...) calls to not find anything I need suggesting either the classpath is not set or it is running with a different ClassLoader.

Is this a feature/known side-effect of the compile-on-save feature?

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[nbusers] Bug with Compile-On-Save with Maven?

Jeff 08/31/2012

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