[nbusers] Caching problem in NB 7.2?

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  • Subject: [nbusers] Caching problem in NB 7.2?
  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:50:14 -0600

I've been getting frustrated with NetBeans telling me it can't find certain packages or complaining there are duplicate classes and it seems to have happened since we moved a couple of projects to GIT.

Yesterday I had a class in a Maven project that NetBeans complained was a duplicate but the maven build would work just fine both locally and on our Jenkins server.  I finally resorted to cleaning all Netbeans user folders and it finally got over that issue.

Tonight I'm seeing an issue where a project would clean/build just fine but would fail on Jenkins stating missing packages.  I tracked it down to a missing dependency (not sure why build worked on local machine) which I added and as soon as I did, Netbeans says it can't find the classes but the Maven build works just fine (again).

I've cleaned all projects, rechecked them out from scratch, restarted NetBeans, rebooted the system, deleted my local maven repository and still it complains.  

If I click on the hint it says "Search dependency at maven repositories for <class>" and it finds it, the dependency is already in the dependency list, but it never resolves.

How do I flush the cache or whatever that NetBeans uses to determine where classes 

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[nbusers] Caching problem in NB 7.2?

Jeff 08/31/2012

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