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  • Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 07:40:00 +0200

code you have is from class that overrides JTable.prepareRenderer(...) method. Its nice trick.
Here you can see how to use TableCellRenderers:


Petr Podzimek.

On 06/29/2012 01:58 PM, sasabn wrote:
" type="cite">
I am beginner in Java and my English is not perfect. I am making desktop application using Netbeans which connect to mysql database. I picked up table from pallete and i populated it with data from coresponding table from MYSQL database. That is working fine. I made jtable using Defaultablemodel.
Now, I want to set background color of rows alternativly, odd rows with one color and even with another. I do not know how to do that. I found many examples on Internet but I don't know to implement it in my code. There is my code :


private String[] column = new String[]{
        "ID", "First Name", "Second Name", "wear of birth"};
    private Object[][] row = new Object[][]{};
    public DefaultTableModel modelTabele = new javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel(redovi, kolona) {
        public boolean isCellEditable(int redovi, int kolona) {
            return false;

Now there is one of part of code which I found on Internet:

public Component prepareRenderer
  (TableCellRenderer renderer,int Index_row, int Index_col) {
  Component comp = super.prepareRenderer(renderer, Index_row, Index_col);
  //even index, selected or not selected
  if (Index_row % 2 == 0 && !isCellSelected(Index_row, Index_col)) {
  else {
  return comp;

I tried but I don't know to implement this part of code. 
Thanks in advance for helping.


[nbusers] alternate color for rows in jtable

sasabn 06/29/2012

[nbusers] Re: alternate color for rows in jtable

Petr Podzimek 06/30/2012

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