[nbusers] EAR with multiple WARs but single web.xml

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  • Subject: [nbusers] EAR with multiple WARs but single web.xml
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Hi, I have a question about how to include more than one WAR in an EAR project.  This is my scenario.

I have the following EAR probjects:

... CommonWeb.WAR
... Client-01-EJB.jar
... lib/*.jar

... CommonWeb.WAR
... Client-02-EJB.jar
... lib/*.jar

There are two problems I'm running into.

First, I can't deploy both Client-01-EAR and Client-02-EAR to the same server because the ContextRoot defined in CommonWeb.WAR conflicts with itself between both EAR projects.

Second, I'd like to add additional JSF pages, servlets, managed beans, etc, to either of the Client EAR projects, but not include them in the CommonWeb WAR.  In order words, I'd like a secondary WAR for either client, but simply extend the web.xml and faces-config.xml in CommonWeb.WAR with it's additional config.

Is any of this possible?

[nbusers] EAR with multiple WARs but single web.xml

Grover Blue 02/29/2012

[nbusers] Re: EAR with multiple WARs but single web.xml

Daoud Abdelmonem Faleh 02/29/2012

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