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  • Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 15:48:01 -0300
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I’m looking for help. To get started with Netbeans IDE I’m following the tutorial Creating a Database Driven Application With PHP (project wishlist). I was going all right until I reached Lesson 5 (Adding Security).
At the point:

Testing the Logon from the index.php Page

To check that the logon functionality works correctly on the index.php front page:
  1. Run the application.
  2. On the index.php page, enter Tom in the Username edit box and Tim in the Password edit box.
after entering Tom and Tim, I got the following error message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli::_construct() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wishlist\Includes\db.php on line 34
The corresponding code on my db.php was:
line 32   private function __construct() {
line 33              
line 34         parent::_construct($this->dbHost, $this->user, $this->pass, $this->dbName);
line 35         if (mysqli_connect_error()) {
line 36             exit('Connect Error (' . mysqli_connect_errno() . ') '   
line 37                     . mysqli_connect_error());
line 38         }
line 39        parent::set_charset('utf-8');
line 40    }
I do not know how to fix the problem. Could you please help me? If this is not the ask_for_help appropriate channel, please indicate to whom should I address my question.
I’m working with:
Windows 7
NetBeans 7.1
Xampp 1.7.2
Thank you.

[nbusers] Support NetBeans IDE / PHP

viterbo 02/28/2012

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